Photo Credit: Flash90
A children's playground i disinfected in Bat Yam on March 18, 2020.

All the student and staff of the “Sus Hayam” nursery/kindergarten in Bat Yam, as well as a 10th grade class and ten staff members of the Shazar High School in Bat Yam entered quarantine on Thursday, after two sisters were discovered to have been infected with Coronavirus.

According to Channel 12, the mother of the two sisters got sick, and infected her children.


Hundreds of staff, students and teachers went into preventative quarantine this past week in half a dozen schools around the country after individual teachers and students were determined to have been infected.

Three more teachers and three students were diagnosed as infected in the Jerusalem Gymnasia HaIvrit school, on Thursday.

It has come to the attention of the that there are schools in Israel who are not being careful about enforcing social distancing and wearing masks among the students.

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