Aside from the usual issues, small businesses are facing everywhere, those in Judea and Samaria face additional challenges: terrorism and the boycott organized by the BDS movement.

The Lev HaOlam Organization was founded in order to help these producers and small businesses overcome those challenges. It does this by selling monthly packages containing products from Judea and Samaria to Israel supporters and consumers worldwide. This additional revenue source for small business owners in Judea and Samaria helps them considerably, both financially and also in terms of building their morale by reminding them that they have supporters worldwide. Below, a few of these business owners tell their stories.


Chagit Schechter, from Gush Etzion, is an artist and business owner. She explains that the beautiful agriculture views of the Judea Desert and the historical connection of the Jewish people to the region give her inspiration for her work. Lev HaOlam has helped her grow her business and she has faith that through Lev HaOlam it can grow even more. She speaks for herself:

Another Lev HaOlam producer is Batya Aradstein, who moved from California to Itamar in the Shomron. She also work as a ceramics artist and like Chagit, she finds inspiration from the area around her home. Often times, she says she will pick flowers or other plants from outside and bring them into the studio to help her focus on her work. She is amazed when she thinks about Lev HaOlam and how they send her handmade products from Israel to all over the world. Hear more about Batya’s ceramics:

Shimon Barda, is also from Itamar, but he produces natural cosmetics. Around two years ago, his factory was destroyed after a major snowstorm hit Itamar. It was then that Lev HaOlam contacted him by placing a large order for his cosmetics. This allowed him to reopen the business. He thanks all the Israel supporters who buy his products through Lev HaOlam and notes that without their help his business would have totally failed. He tells the story in more detail:

Given that the Bible calls Israel the land of milk and honey, naturally Lev HaOlam has partners who produce sweets. David Daniel, was born in Hevron, the City of the Patriarchs. He works with bees and produces honey. He notes that Lev HaOlam has helped him tremendously in his business. Another producer of sweets, Joe Zander, moved to Israel from the United States and started a chocolate factory. “Chocolate is a metaphor for the world,” explains Zander, “since chocolate is naturally bitter and you have to work to make it sweet. Likewise, our job is to make the world sweeter.” Zander is thankful to Lev HaOlam for helping him do just that by exporting his chocolates around the world. David and Joe each talk about their sweet products: