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Israelis wearing face masks in Jerusalem, July 6, 2020.

Is Israel erring on the side of quantity and at the expense of quality?

A case in point: since last Wednesday, more than 14,000 infected Israelis have been released from isolation and been defined as recovering from coronavirus. This was not the result of a new discovery of a cure for the pandemic, but due to the official shortening of the isolation period for those infected with the virus.


Healing by bureaucracy.

The number of recovered patients is not yet reflected in Monday’s data from the Health Ministry, where they say that the process of entering the data and improving them has not yet been fully completed.

That’s sickness by bureaucracy.

Neither one reflects a tangible measure of reality, which is disturbing, to say the least. The 14,000 recoveries miracle was performed by the Health Ministry last week, with its changing of the isolation policy, which shortened the isolation period: a person infected with the coronavirus and not suffering from symptoms will remain only 10 days in isolation, and a person infected with the virus and suffering from symptoms will wait at least 10 days from the appearance of the symptoms plus another three days.

Meanwhile, Sunday night it was reported that senior Health Ministry officials had ordered the purchase of fast corona tests, costing $7 million, ignoring the cries of protest of the medical professional who say that the new tests have a 56% reliability – which is only 6% better than flipping a coin, which is also much cheaper.

The forthcoming purchase will include about 3,000 machines and 200,000 test kits, in order to identify asymptomatic patients. The experts insist this is a huge waste of much needed resources, mainly because the new machines are worthless. The expert cite their one rather glaring deficiency: they can’t identify asymptomatic patients.

This is the kind of joke that when you say in the end, “You’re killing me,” you’re not kidding.


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