Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his appreciation for the support of a group of international lawmakers who are in Jerusalem to attend the annual gathering of the Israel Allies Foundation.


Guatemala’s President-elect, Alejandro Giammattei is among those attending the conference, along with the foreign minister of Venezuela, population minister of Estonia, foreign affairs committee member from Macedonia, the outgoing minister of defense from Romania and the previous foreign affairs minister of Croatia.

“It’s a great encouragement to see the support that we receive from you, from many, many friends around the world,” Netanyahu told the gathering.

“There are two kinds of friends that we have, friends of interest, and friends of values. Sometimes they intersect, as well,” he observed.

“I think what is important about this group and this effort is that it is first of all based on values – the understanding of our common traditions, our common hopes for the kind of societies we want to see around the world, and the society that Israel truly represents, and that many aspire for, even though it is denigrated, vilified, slandered.

“You know the truth and there’s no substitute for speaking the truth in the face of lies. That’s the only way that you get the truth out. So I want to thank you for standing with Israel, and standing with the truth,” Netanyahu said.

“That is a partnership based on values.”