Israel to Launch Secondary Stock Exchange for Small, Medium Sized Businesses

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon: “The measure comes in addition to a number of steps we have taken in order to ease tax rates and the regulatory burden for small and medium sized companies."

Sderot Mayor Asks Netanyahu to Visit, Says ‘Hear the Sounds of Our Hearts’ After...

Mayor Alon Davidi: "I am calling on the prime minister and the cabinet ministers to be with the residents, to come down to the south ... at the end of this most difficult week."

Ceasefire Means No Attacks At All, Says Netanyahu – IDF Reinforces Iron Dome Batteries...

"There is no option of continuing with the current situation. It's not fair to the Gaza Belt residents and it harms the security of the State of Israel."

Bennett: Ceasefire with Hamas ‘Grave Error’

Bennett also referred to "the equation in which Hamas dictates the tone for the State of Israel," and called it "a serious failure of Israeli deterrence."

Netanyahu Tells Cabinet: No One Gets to Hurt Us and Go Unpunished

"We are not prepared to accept any attacks against us and we will respond appropriately."

Netanyahu to Convene Security Cabinet in Emergency Session

Netanyahu: "We have decided on strong action against Hamas terrorism."

Jewish American Schools Asking Israel for Financial Support

Tuition in Jewish American schools has reached $40,000 a year per child.

PA Protesting Israeli Refusal to Renew Visas for Hostile Foreign Academics

In March 2017, the Knesset passed a law prohibiting the granting of entry visas or permits to stay in Israel to foreign citizens who called for a boycott of Israel.

US Warns Netanyahu to ‘Think Carefully’ Before Dealing with Russia on Syria

"Without Assad’s blessing, the flags of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would not be on Israel’s front door."

Israel Land Authority Acts Against Squatters on State Land Following Regavim Lawsuit

"This is a case of intolerable negligence on the part of the authorities."

NASA and Israel Space Sign Agreement to Expand Cooperation

The two agencies discussed projects that include Israel taking part in the International Space Station.

Netanyahus Attend World Cup Semi-Final

Back in June, President Putin invited both PM Netanyahu and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to attend the July 15 final in Moscow.

UPDATE: Duma Minor Goes Home

After the release decision, the representative of the Central District Attorney's Office asked the court to delay its decision, in order to appeal it to the Supreme Court.

Netanyahu in Russia: ‘We’ll Take Strong Action Against Any Trickle of Fire’

"We expect that everyone will respect this sovereignty and that Syria will strictly abide by the [1974] Separation of Forces Agreement."

Israeli Kashrut Supervisors Protest New Work Conditions

The kashrut supervisors were employed directly by the State of Israel and now are required to work for an outsourcing firm.

Netanyahu, Putin to Discuss Iran, Syria

The two men will join Netanyahu's wife Sara in watching the World Cup semi-final after their talks.

Jordan Valley Council Warns Residents: ‘Don’t Touch Anything’

"Report to the police or security coordinators what you have found, and do not interfere with those who arrive."

Kerem Shalom Crossing ‘Closed’ But Not Inactive

The border crossing saw 18,154 tons of goods delivered to various sites in the enclave in 200 trucks on Sunday alone.

Tiberias Area Hospital Reports Prepared for Large Scale Earthquake

"The recent earthquakes are a reminder of the importance of the early preparedness and readiness of the staff of the medical center for emergency scenarios, including an earthquake in the area."

Civil Rights Group: Shaked’s Polygamy Recommendations Reward Criminals

Netanyahu called it "a huge industry that provides an incentive to bring women from Jordan and Saudi Arabia."

Hamas-Linked Al Quds TV Declared a Terror Organization

Israel's defense establishment called the channel "a propaganda arm of Hamas" and "central platform for disseminating the messages of the terrorist organization."

Report: North Korea Tried to Extort $1B from Israel, Offering to Stop Arms Sale...

Israel reportedly turned down the proposal and instead made a counter offer of food aid.
Inside Israel Today: Behind the Scenes at the Knesset

Israel’s ‘Nationality Law’ Headed for Vote Next Week

"After 70 years we certainly have an expectation that all Israeli citizens know Hebrew at least on the basic level of reading a street name."

Court Postpones Trial of Sara Netanyahu

The delay was approved "at the request of the state attorney's office and the accused's representative."


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