Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / Flash 90
An IDF armored personnel carrier outside the Gaza Strip

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported that an IDF soldier was slightly injured overnight Monday, as a result of gunfire coming from the direction of the Sinai Peninsula. The soldier was evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva.

It is believed that the shooting was apparently a stray gunfire that resulted from internal fighting between ISIS and the Egyptian army in the Sinai.


The incident, which took place at the junction of the borders of Israel, Sinai and the Gaza Strip, has added to the general tension on the southern border. In response, last week the IDF reinforced its forces along the Gaza Strip following the Islamic Jihad threats to retaliate for Israel’s bombing of a terror tunnel a few weeks ago.

The IDF has increased security around the work on the ground to erect a barrier facing the Gaza Strip, adding special forces to the defense effort.

While enhancing the protection of the continued work on the barrier, the IDF is also preparing a quick response in case the Islamic Jihad decides to act.

Israel has been facing increased tension along its northern sector with Syria. On Sunday an IDF armored force fired at a position of the Syrian army in the northern Golan Heights. The warning shot was aimed at a position of the Syrian army in the demilitarized zone outside the border.


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