Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
INS Komemiyut enters Israeli territorial waters with Israeli Navy vessel as escort. June 16, 2024

The INS Komemiyut LSV (logistics support vessel / landing craft) arrived in Israel Sunday afternoon to be operationally integrated into the Israeli Navy.

The LSV sailed into dock at the Israeli Navy Base in Haifa after completing its voyage from the Pascagoula shipyard in Mississippi.


The vessel weighs 2,500 tons, is approximately 95 meters in length and 20 meters wide.

The vessel’s entrance to the State of Israel’s territorial waters was accompanied by Israeli Navy vessels in a ‘missing’ formation, in memory of the fallen soldiers from the ‘Swords of Iron’ war.

“Today, while IDF soldiers conducted intense operations in various arenas, the Israeli Navy received a vessel with strategic importance to the State of Israel,” said Israeli Navy Commander in Chief VADM David Saar Salama.

“During these historic moments, we salute our brothers in arms who fell while fulfilling their primary mission of maintaining the security of the State of Israel,” the commander said.

“Sailors of the INS Komemiyut, today you have completed a voyage of thousands of miles. The end of the voyage is the beginning of the journey for you. Your future actions will strengthen the cooperation between the IDF branches, expand the range of military operations and maintain the security of the State of Israel.”

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