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The IAF targeted high-rise buildings in the Gaza Strip, May 12, 2021.

On Wednesday morning, the Israel Air Force attacked another high-rise building of Hamas that housed, among other things, the organization’s intelligence headquarters, the Judea and Samaria section, the information department, and the Gaza Brigade of Hamas.


In addition, an Israeli aircraft eliminated two Hamas operatives who were engaged in rocket fire.

More than 500 targets were attacked in the Gaza Strip as of Wednesday morning, in retaliation for about 850 rockets fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip so far. About 200 rockets fell in enemy territory.

The IDF estimates that there have been dozens of deaths in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the operation and about 200 wounded.

As of Wednesday morning, the IDF is continuing its attacks in the Gaza Strip on five types of targets:

1. High-risers belonging to the terrorist organizations in one way or another. Two such targets have already been attacked.

2. Hamas underground assets.

3. Elimination of senior officials.

4. Launch pits – the broad attack on the launch pits that started Tuesday night, was concluded Wednesday morning.

5. Activist homes – demolishing the homes belonging to terrorists who have gone underground, so that they come out of hiding homeless.

After several hours of silence overnight Wednesday, heavy rocket barrages were fired during the night at extensive areas across Israel, including Tel Aviv, Holon, Ramat Hasharon, Herzliya, Raanana, Beer Sheva, and Kfar Saba.

Two Israeli Arabs – a 52-year-old father and his 16-year-old daughter – were killed by a direct rocket hit on their home in Lod.

Earlier, heavy rocket fire was launched at Gush Dan and the south. Some of the hundreds of rockets fired at major cities hit several targets, among them in Rishon Lezion, Holon, Ashkelon, and Sderot.

In Rishon Lezion, a 40-year-old woman was killed by a direct hit near a bus, and several people were injured. On Tuesday night there were direct attacks on residential buildings in Ashdod, as well as residential buildings and a school in Ashkelon. Two women were killed by direct hits on homes in Ashkelon, one person was seriously injured, 14 were lightly injured as a result of shrapnel, and 17 others experienced panic attacks.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the Jerusalem mountains, Beit Shemesh, the Gaza Strip, Ashkelon, and Ashdod.


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