The father of a Golani Brigade soldier named Aharon, who was allegedly attacked last Saturday in Hebron by MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint Arab List), on Sunday filed a complaint against Tibi with the police.

MK Ahmad Tibi confronted the Golani soldier on Saturday in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron during a visit he was conducting with Joint List MKs Ayman Odeh, Sami Abu Shehadeh, and Osama Saadi to examine the works being done to make the cave accessible to the elderly and disabled.


At the end of the visit, Tibi walked toward the streets of the Jewish community in the city, accompanied by Waqf members, and was stopped by the soldier.

According to the IDF, the MK had been told by security forces that he was allowed to walk the streets of the Jewish enclave but without his Waqf entourage. A loud confrontation erupted then between Tibi and the soldier who refused to let the MK pass. The soldier told Tibi he was not allowed to let him go through and touched him lightly. In response, Tibi started shouting at him: “Take down your hand! You will not lay your hand on me, never in your life would you raise a hand on me, insolent!”

Apparently, according to the police complaint, Tibi also hit the soldier’s arm.

The soldier responded: “Who are you anyway? Who raised a hand against you? Let’s go, keep your distance, who are you yelling at?”

Police officers who were at the scene separated the two men, and the IDF later fully supported the soldier and his conduct.


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