Photo Credit: Malkah Fleisher
Maale HaZeitim

Arab terrorists in Jerusalem on Monday night launched mass barrages of fireworks at Israeli homes near the Mount of Olives in eastern Jerusalem.

No one was wounded, but some damage was caused to the buildings under attack.


Police forces arrested two Arabs suspected of participating in the attack.

Eran, a resident of the Ma’alleh Zeitim neighborhood which was attacked last night, told TPS that they have been incurring such attacks on their homes during both the day and night for some time.

“The fire is extremely loud, upsets everyone, causing fear and stress,” he recounted, noting that the local Arab residents have complained to the police about the attacks as well.

He called on the police to take decisive action before someone is harmed in these continuous attacks.

The fireworks “are explosive in all aspects, not a children’s toy,” he stressed.