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Israeli flags fly over new Jewish homes in Kfar Shiloach (Silwan)

The homes purchased by Jews in Kfar Shiloach were attacked overnight. The homes were struck by fireworks and stones launched by the attackers.


A member of the radical leftwing Meretz political party also visited the Jerusalem neighborhood to talk with the local (presumably Arab) residents, and also also found herself attacked by the local residents who stoned her and her car.

The more recent Jewish presence in the area dates back to 1881 when Yemenite Jews came to Jerusalem and established a community, and at its height, ran five synagogues and numbered some 160 families, known then as the Yemenite Village.

Encountering Arab violence and attacks for several years, the community was forced to abandon the area in 1939, and the synagogues were desecrated by Muslim attackers.

Israel reunited its capital in 1967, and the Jews began to return to the area some 20 years ago, reacquiring one property after another.

Content by Aryeh Savir/TPS was used in this report.


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