“Whoever saves a Jewish life, it’s as if he saved an entire world”
– Sanhedrin 4:5

When a critical emergency occurs, the difference between life and death can be a matter of seconds, and it comes down to civilian volunteers to provide the first life-saving response.


Within Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Border communities, there are hundreds of civilian volunteer first-responders on-call 24/7. No matter if it’s a car accident, terror attack or terrorist infiltration, these men and women are the first to run towards the danger in order to protect others and save lives.

When these brave civilians run towards the danger, the least we can do is ensure that they are equipped with the best life-saving gear in the world.

This is why we are raising funds to purchase and deliver military-grade trauma kits, called ‘2 Life Kits’. Each military-grade ‘2 Life’ trauma kit costs just $300 and is capable of saving the lives of two individuals until an ambulance arrives by stopping bleeding using advanced technology.

Be a part of the lifesaving efforts on the ground and empower these civilian first responders to make the maximum impact when a life threatening incident occurs.