IDF: Only 16 Terrorist Homes Demolished Since 2015

This figure is exceptionally low, given the fact that 77 Israelis were killed in terror attacks during that period.

IDF Arrests Barghouti Clan Member, Behind Terror Activities

Also on Saturday, the terrorist who on Friday severely wounded an IDF soldier in a military post in Beit El surrendered to Israeli security forces.

Terrorist from Beit El Attack Turns Himself in

The Arab terrorist smashed a soldier in the head with a stone slab.

Terrorist Batters IDF Soldier in the Head with a Stone Slab in Beit El

It should be noted that both the murders in Givat Asaf this week and Friday's attack in Beit El were committed by terrorists against IDF soldiers whose specific job was to protect against Arab terrorists.

Netanyahu to Hamas: There Won’t Be Ceasefire in Gaza While There’s Fire in Judea...

The security apparatus fears a new wave of terror attacks following the success of the two shooting attacks this week.

Sharp Escalation in Stoning, Firebombing Terror Attacks in Judea & Samaria

Several stoning attacks targeted Israeli public buses; miraculously, none of the passengers were physically injured.

Israel Beefs Up Security, Checkpoints, Roadblocks in Judea and Samaria as Terror Escalates

"They think they can uproot us from our land," Netanyahu said. They will not succeed."

Doctors Say IDF Soldier Survived Complex Head Surgery After Terror Attack

Two IDF soldiers were murdered in the drive-by terror shooting attack at the Givat Assaf junction.

Givat Asaf Official after Massacre: Ban PA Arabs from Rt. 466 to Ramallah

In 2014, ten council heads in villages east of Ramallah petitioned the High Court of Justice, demanding that the army remove the ban.

2 Months Later: Barkan Terrorist Killed Overnight

The assailant was armed when the forces arrived at the place where he was hiding, in Shechem, Samaria, and tried to escape before he was shot.

Terror Victim Baby Named Amiad Israel at Funeral, Laid to Rest in Jerusalem

He was born at 30 weeks' gestation in an emergency Caesarean section operation as doctors fought to save both him and his mother.

Border Police Special Forces Kill Ofra Terror Suspect Near Ramallah, More Arrested

Israeli special forces hunted for the terror cell in the Palestinian Authority, including in PA government buildings.

Tiniest Terror Victim Shot in Ofra Attack Dies

Prayers are still being requested for both Shira Yael bat Liora Sara, and Amichai Yishai ben Feiga Gitel Galila.

PA Security Source: Ofra Terror Attack Direct Result of Qatari Payments to Hamas

Much of the money has been transferred to Hamas agents in the PA, who are directed from the Gaza Strip.

Baby Terror Victim Still Fighting For Life After Ofra Attack

Palestinian Authority terrorists opened fire at a group of people standing near the Ofra junction.

2 Terror Ramming Attacks Foiled by Israeli Forces

Two separate attacks took place in Judea near Hebron, and in the northern Jordan Valley.

After months of traffic jams, Adam Interchange Opens Up Binyamin Residents’ Path to Jerusalem

"We will yet complete the paving of bypass roads, the widening of lanes and the improvement of infrastructures."

Ofra Shooting Victim Opens Her Eyes: She’s in ICU, Baby’s in NICU

"She opened her eyes and asked for her mother . . . and then we ran. We were very excited to see her even though her health is not so good."

Shaked Calls on Netanyahu to Regulate Ofra in Response to Terror Attack

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said, "This cruelty is inconceivable. I am strengthening the security forces and relying on them to quickly put their hands on the abominable terrorists."

Security Camera Coverage of the Attack at Ofra Junction

Seven Israelis were hit in a shooting attack at the Ofra junction in the Binyamin region around 9:25 PM Sunday.

As Baby’s Condition Deteriorates, Samaria Leader Calls for IDF Retaliation Against PA Over Ofra...

"I call on the Prime Minister, who is also the Minister of Defense, to order the IDF to go out tonight to retaliate against the Palestinian Authority in the area from which these murderous terrorists emerged."

Deputy Minister Michael Oren Visits Efrat’s Eitam Hill and Gush Etzion

Deputy Minister Oren was impressed with the Jewish pioneers that are building up a barren hillside in memory of Ari Fuld.

BREAKING: Multiple Wounded in Terror Shooting Attack at Ofra Junction, Doctors Deliver Baby

Seven to nine people were reported wounded, including a 21-year-old woman 30 weeks pregnant.


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