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Italian PM Giorgia Meloni

It’s a common theme on the news since Giorgia Meloni became the first woman prime minister of Italy, to accompany her name in the headlines with adjectives such as “extremist,” “far right,” and “most extreme since Mussolini,” the same ready-made adjectives being used to describe our own MKs Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir – as if, somehow, we learn more about these politicians when we hear how edgy they are.

Personally, whenever the news media gang up in this cheap manner on a politician, I figure he or she can’t be all bad. Which is why I was delighted to see that former Likud Environmental Minister Gila Gamliel tweeted on Tuesday: “Congratulations to my dear friend Giorgia Meloni, the new PM of Italy! Meloni is a true supporter of the Jewish people & the State of Israel. On many occasions, she expressed her commitment to further deepen the bond between our countries. Looking forward to working together!”


And PM Meloni responded in kind: “Thank you Gila Gamliel for your words and your friendship. Ready to strengthen our bilateral relationships and our common work in the Conservative family. Good luck in your upcoming elections!”

In an interview in The Spectator, Meloni rejected descriptions of her politics as far right, calling it a smear campaign by her opponents. She describes herself as a conservative. She has also been described by her opponents as hard right, right-wing populist, and nationalist.

On the far left in Israel, Haaretz pundit Ravit Hecht “Look at them and see us. Italy is going to be led, apparently, by an extreme right-wing woman with an appeal that attracts crowds, who in the past provided statements that danced around the border of fascist rhetoric (to use a particularly delicate language). Giorgia Meloni bought her world with a series of statements condemning the LGBT lobby, immigrants, and other suitable candidates for the scary foreigner’s position, and praising the definition of nationality, the traditional family, and religion.”

So now you know why the radical left, masquerading as the liberal news media, hates Giorgia Meloni: she believes in a strong nation state, in strong families, and in God. In fact, in a much-quoted 2019 speech to a rally in Rome, she declared: “I am Giorgia. I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m Christian.”

Here’s a noteworthy fact: Arab News published a report suggesting Italy’s Muslim communities confident new government will protect religious freedom.

“The new leadership is expected to be tougher than previous governments on illegal migrants, but nothing is expected to change in the traditionally good attitude of Italy toward the Middle East and the Arab world,” writes AN’s Francesco Bongarra.

He cited Yassine Lafram, president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Italy, who stated: “We’re absolutely confident that every Italian government will respect the Constitution, which includes in its founding principles freedom of worship. We expect the new government will be attentive to the rights of Islamic communities.”

It is remarkable that whenever the left runs up against a strong, astute, right-wing opponent, they call him names, often enlisting the good, old history of Nazism and Fascism, rather than engage in a fact-based debate of the merits of the said opponent. Israelis on the far left are looking at Hungary, Brazil, Italy, and a half dozen more countries where people have had enough of unchecked immigration, the ravages of the global economy, and the dictatorship of the EU and they vote with their feet. And with their ballots, too.

What can I tell you, vote for Religious Zionism. You’ll thank me later.


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