Shuva Malka from Afula was on her way to take her end of year Bagrut (matriculation) high school exams in Civics when an Arab terrorist from Jenin stabbed her 9 times.

She managed to walk a few meters to a nearby cafe where she then collapsed. MDA rushed her to HaEmek hospital in serious condition. Her condition is still serious, but no longer life threatening.


Standing outside the hospital where their daughter is being treated, Shuva Malka’s mother said “God made a great miracle for us [that she is alive] and we hope she comes out of this in peace, and we thank everyone who is praying for her, and continue to pray…”

Her parents called on the government to take responsibility for the safety of the children of Israel.

Prayers can be said for Shuva Malka bat Michal.

The terrorist was shot in the leg trying to escape, and was arrested.