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Shoppers wear protective face masks at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv, May 08, 2020.

No coronavirus patient died in Israel this Shabbat, with only 8 new diagnosed cases. 84 patients were declared recovered from the pandemic. 65 patients are still hooked up to ventilators, with 2 additions on Saturday.

Health Ministry Deputy Director General Professor Itamar Grotto told Reshet Bet radio on Saturday that the data accumulated since opening the closure are very encouraging, the result of proper public behavior and the warming weather. Grotto estimates that in two weeks, gatherings of 100 people would be permitted in Israel’s public spaces, and in another month and a half, all restrictions of gathering would be lifted.


The Deputy Director General also said that flights outside Israel would first be resumed to countries in the Mediterranean basin and countries with similar low numbers of the spread of the virus. He said flights to the United States would be back at a very late date, due to the high spread rates there.

Saturday saw 11,387 new cases of the coronavirus in the US, bringing the overall number of cases there to 1,333,172. A total of 624 patients died this Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths in the US to about 80,000. 164 people died in New York, 131 in New Jersey, 59 in Pennsylvania, 54 in Maryland, 47 in Florida, 40 in Louisiana.

There are now more than 4 million cases around the planet, with 278,467 deaths and 1,415,396 recoveries.

The worst hit countries after the United States are the UK (31,587 dead), Italy (30,395), Spain (26,478), and France (26,230).


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