Diaspora Minister, Ruderman Foundation, Critical of Regev’s Vindictive Ban on World Jews’ Joining Torch...

Since Miri Regev is officially Minister of Culture and Sport, can we classify her most recent move as turning Culture into a contact Sport?

Shin Bet Always Gets Its Man: Terrorist Who Stabbed Rafi Lisker in Efrat Captured...

The Shabak did not stop looking for the terrorist who snuck into Efrat and stabbed a man in the back on a Friday night.

U.S. Citizen Falls to His Death During Hike at Mount Shlomo, Near Eilat

The body of a 20-year-old U.S. man was recovered from a ravine in the Eilat mountains on Sunday by the IDF 669 search and...

Netanyahu Meets Norwegian FM He Rebuked for Countless Anti-Israel Nuisance Lawsuits

"As many cases as possible are registered and as many cases as possible are appealed to increase the workload of the courts and the High Court to such an extent that there will be a blockage.”

Arab Agricultural Terror Continues: 22 Calves Stolen from Yatir

This is the second time in two weeks that calves were stolen from Jewish communities south of Hebron.

Avoiding Serious Policy Debate, Bibi Clashes with Fashion Model on Definition of Jewish State

Netanyahu had something important to say, but since it's now officially the silly season of the 2019 elections, he picked a strange venue in which to state it.

Tech Company Documents All of Israel’s Deceased

Israel is the first country in the world to have all those buried in its cemeteries documented and published online.

Rainfall in Israel Exceeds Annual Average for First Time in 5 Years

The Kinneret’s level climbed by 71 CM (30 inches) in the past month and a total of two meters since the beginning of the winter (79 inches).

Three IDF Soldiers Convicted of Abusing Terror Suspects

Soldiers from Netzah Yehuda Battalion plead guilty to aggravated abuse of suspected terrorists, receive 190 days in prison, demotion in rank and probation, but avoid more serious assault charges.

Lebanon Warns Neighbors Not to Use Israel-EU Pipeline

Lebanon claims parts of Israel's gas fields are in Lebanon's exclusive economic zone.

Gaza Balloon Carried RPG Warhead into Israel

Sappers arrived at the scene, removed the visitors and disarmed the warhead without injuries or damage.

IAF Attacks Hamas Positions following Rocket Attack on Israel

Two Arabs crossed the Gaza Strip border fence and were caught inside a hot-house belonging to one of the kibbutzim after a manhunt. They were armed with a grenade and a knife.

Average Israeli Woman Gives Birth at Age 27.6 & Other Women’s Day Tidbits

Nearly harmless: out of 34,200 people tried for criminal offenses in Israel, only 7.5% were women.

Israeli Firm to Supply Robots to Italian Military Police

The firm manufactures ground robotic systems, also known as the Transportable Interoperatble Ground Robot (TIGR), for military and law-enforcement utilization, such as handling of suspicious and dangerous items, in addition to collecting intelligence.

Myriad Haredim Clash with Reform, Women of the Wall, on Rosh Chodesh Adar

WOW demanded the use of the PA system. Needless to say, the request – which was tantamount to asking firefighters for a light – was rejected by Rabbi Rabinovitch.

Netanyahu: Iran Covertly Smuggling Oil at Sea

The loss of oil revenue appears to be impacting Iran’s ability to fund its terror activities.

Israeli Venture Investor Celebrates $1 Billion Raised for 170 Companies

The OurCrowd network consists of 30,000 registered investors from over 150 countries.

Israeli Spaceship Beresheet Completes Another Successful Maneuver

Beresheet is on its way to an elliptical orbit where the farthest point from Earth is at a distance 270,000 km (167,770 miles).

Delegation of Neturei Karta & Son of IDF General Snubbed by Ilhan Omar

Omar's communications director and strategist said Ilhan "did not and has no plans to" meet with her uninvited guests.

Gallup: US Support for Israel Decreases, Sympathy for PA Arabs Hits Historic High

Fewer Republicans and Democrats sympathize with Israel compared to last year.

IDF Artillery Shells Hamas Posts in Southern Gaza Strip

Israel has announced it would continue to attack targets in Gaza with the aim of halting the firing of explosive balloons from across the border at nearby Israeli settlements.

Jewish and Arab Women Marrying, Conceiving Later Than a Decade Ago

A study by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that Jewish and Arab women are marrying at older ages than they were 10 years ago, and that Israel still suffers from a substantial wage gap.

WATCH: Arab Volunteers Train to Save Lives Under Star of David – in Jerusalem

Arab volunteer first responders on Wednesday participated in an emergency drilled in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Zur Bahr.

Elections Committee Bans 2 Extremist Arab Parties, Jewish Candidate for ‘Moderate’ Arab Party

On December 28, 2015, Cassif posted on Facebook an attack on Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked whom he called a "neo-Nazi [expletive]."

Hebrew U Reveals 110 New Einstein Manuscript Pages

Einstein’s cousin Karen Cortell Reisman flew in from Texas to attend the arrival of the new manuscripts. She shared personal experiences of growing up in a house imbibed by the famous cousin.


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