Photo Credit: Koby Gideon (GPO)
PM Naftali Bennett with the Imam of Tayibe Jawad Masarwa, Aug. 19, 2021.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday morning visited the vaccination center in Tayibe, an Arab city in central Israel, 12 km northeast of Kfar Saba, as part of the efforts to encourage vaccination in the Arab sector, with the message: Ruchu tita’amu (Go get vaccinated)

Regional Cooperation Minister Esawi Frej, Tayibe Mayor Shuaa Masarwa Mansour, national Arab sector coronavirus project manager Iman Saif, Imam of Tayibe Jawad Masarwa, and members of the Tayibe City Council participated in the visit.


Representatives of HMOs Maccabi, Clalit, and Meuhedet partner in operating the Tayibe vaccinations facility.

During the visit, Imam Masarwa and Meuhedet clinic director Dr. Raed Yihye received the third dose of the vaccine.

Prime Minister Bennett’s remarked:

“I have come to Taibe this morning because I care about your health and because I worry about the lives of parents and grandparents because their lives are in jeopardy. There’s much fake news. The truth is that people are dying from the coronavirus, not from the very few side effects of the marvelous vaccines.
Israel is the only country in the world that currently provides a third dose of the vaccine. Yesterday, the US announced that in another month it would provide it to people of all ages. We have merited to have a tool to protect ourselves, so come and use it. But this requires personal responsibility and I ask you, public leaders, the Imam who is taking an important step, the dear mayor, to take to the phones and convince people to save lives.
There’s nothing more sacred than to save human lives. Take your grandparents to the HMO and save them.
I appeal to the youth: the most sacred thing is to safeguard the dignity and the lives of grandfather and grandmother, of mother and father. Young people, you are the most contagious. If you are vaccinated and wear masks, you are safeguarding the lives of your grandfather and grandmother.
This is not forever. In another few weeks of an easy effort, you will have many more years of tranquility with your family. Therefore, I appeal to public leaders in the Arab sector and ask you to join in the fight to save lives. Your lives are important to me. Go get vaccinated – ruchu tita’amu.”

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