Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

A lot of jokes and memes were sent around once the election results started to come in. Here are the best ones – some are a bit nasty.

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There’s going to be a rotation for the position of Prime Minister.
Gantz until 1 AM. Lapid until 4 AM. Netanyahu until 2023.


Only Bibi can send 3 Generals back to basic training for 4 years.

Gantz’s speech last night proves the point of the Right. Israeli generals don’t know what “victory” means.

Just goes to show that having grass roots support doesn’t help when each supporter just roots for grass.

Zehut may still win big. Their voters are coming out today to vote.

No matter the results, all Israelis will get what they want. No more annoying, non-stop SMS messages.

Zehut should have sent their election spam through Telegrass.

In Israel, every few years we allow someone to get up in front of everyone else and declare themselves the Prime Minister. And the next day, we’re back to normal.

God asked Gantz and Lapid who should He make the people vote for. They each answered “Bi”, “Bi” [Me, Me]. God granted their wish.