Photo Credit: Omri Reftov
Israel’s Autonomous Vehicle Advanced Technologies vehicle being tested.

Israel’s Autonomous Vehicle Advanced Technologies for situational Awareness (AVATAR) on Monday announced that following three years of development and tests, it conducted a full-scale demonstration exhibiting its capabilities in building a detailed and accurate decision-making process in autonomous vehicles, fusing synergistic information from various sensors combined with innovative algorithms.

Sensory systems were installed on an experimental vehicle of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Innovation Lab in Israel, as well as perception abilities and real-time driving on a simulator in a variety of challenging scenarios. The autonomous driving systems were installed on a test vehicle that drove in various scenarios in real-time on a physical test surface at the Shlomo Group Arena in Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Autonomous Vehicle Advanced Technologies vehicle. / Omri Reftov

The consortium is financed by the Israel Innovation Authority and the Smart Transportation Department in the Transport Ministry, with seven leading tech companies: Cognata––a leading supplier of large-scale vehicle simulation; Elbit Systems; VayaVision (LeddarTech Israel)––developer of environmental sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles; Opsys––producer of a laser guidance system without moving parts; ThirdEye Systems––manufacturer of an artificial intelligence and computer vision; Ceva DSP Ltd.––provider of technology for AI processors; and Rafael.

The consortium also includes leading researchers from the Technion, Tel Aviv, Bar-Ilan, Ben Gurion, Haifa, and Ariel Universities, and the Weizmann Institute.

After the demonstration, the experimental vehicle with all the systems installed will be transferred to the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv, where some of the technologies will be tested.

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