Photo Credit: Google Maps

The communities of Chamonaim and Ganei-Modi’in, north-east of the Shilat junction and Modi’in, have been on a security lock-down since approximately 5:30AM on Thursday.

Three figures were seen running through the town carrying knapsacks in the early hours of the morning, and the IDF and security forces were called out to find the suspicious infiltrators.

Announcement from Tzachi Chashmonnaim and Ganei Modiin:

THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE. Further to the announcement of infiltration of 3 suspects into the yishuv, residents are still required to remain in their homes, close windows, doors and possible entrances. Keep shutters closed and move around under the height of the windows. Turn off indoor lighting and turn on outdoor lighting. For the time being, do not go out to tefillot or work. The security forces are operating.


The lock-down was lifted just after 7:30 AM.

The community is located on the western side of the security fence, but is on the eastern side of the 1949 armistice line (green line).