Fatah Official to Gush Etzion Arabs: Ignore Israeli Employers, Continue Provocations

While some Arab family members take over land illegally and carry out provocations, other family members make their living by working in the Israeli communities.

‘D-9 Yogev’ Wins Habayit Hayehudi Primary

Clearly, Yogev, who is likely to get a ministerial portfolio in Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition government, is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and follows his principles even when those are costly.

Coup: AG Deputies Handicap Second Vote on Ariel Medical School, Sure to Spell Its...

As things stand, with two pro-Ariel members removed in a style reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird, there's no reason to expect the remaining five committee members would endorse the Ariel medical school.

Israeli Employers to Arabs: Want to Work for US? Don’t Work With Anarchists

The Israeli employers have decided to step up their struggle against the phenomenon of illegal land grabs that endanger the security and future of their communities.

Amnesty Targets Airbnb for Insufficient Compliance with BDS

It appears that Amnesty International is now dedicated to an all out campaign against Israel, fueled by unabashed anti-Semitism.

Roseanne Plants Tree in Peduel to Launch Anti-BDS Israel Visit

She was received by children bearing flowers, although it's not clear how many of them were familiar with her successful TV series or with the circumstances of its cancellation.

Arab Mob Attacks Israeli Hiker, One Arab Dead

At this stage it is not yet clear whether the attacker was shot by the local emergency squad or by the IDF, and the matter is under investigation.

Likud Blocks Sharon’s Son’s Primaries Run, Cites Role in Gush Katif Transfer

Sharon, together with his father, left the Likud for the Kadima party when most Likud members refused to deport Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip.

Shin Bet Claims DNA of Yeshiva Student Found on Rock that Killed Arab Passenger

The Pri Ha'aretz yeshiva in Rechelim was founded some four years ago to cater to fringe youths and reintegrate them into religious society.

Netanyahu Hints that TIPH Mandate in Hebron Won’t be Extended

Temporary International Presence in Hebron is accused of anti-Israel bias, violence, and overstepping its mandate as a neutral observer.

Smotrich: Bennett and Shaked Left ‘Atomic Mess’ in Habayit Hayehudi

"They abandoned the religious Zionist party at the last-minute, and now in Habayit Hayehudi there is a war of everyone against everyone else, its all empty, and void, and waste."

Florida Governor to Blacklist Airbnb for Blacklisting Israeli Settlements

The sanctions would block Florida's pension fund from investing in companies listed by Airbnb, just when it is planning to go public.

High Court Rejects Eviction Appeal of Arab Squatters in Eastern Jerusalem

The Arab family has lived there since 1956. Their house was built on lands that were owned by Jews before the 1948 War of Independence.

PA Extends to Israeli Arabs the Prohibition on Selling Land to Jews

"There is no other place in the world that has legislated a death sentence for the 'crime' of selling property to Jews."

Shin Bet to Release Rechelim Detainees amid Accusations of Inflicting Emotional Damage on Innocent...

The boys' rabbi has already told the Shin Bet the boys spent Shabbat night at his table and remained in his vicinity, but, surely, you can't trust a settler rabbi.

Top US Evangelical Leaders Slam Airbnb’s Boycott on Israel

Leaders of American national Evangelical organizations sent a letter to Airbnb strongly condemning its decision to “discriminate against the State of Israel” by removing...

Population in Judea and Samaria Grows in 2018, But at a Slower Pace

The reason for the slowdown is the lack of construction by the government.

Shin Bet: Detained Israeli Youths Suspected of Killing Arab Woman

The suspects’ attorneys state the detainees have been subjected to harsh and improper forms of interrogation.

1,000 Demonstrators Cry Out ‘Settlers’ Rights Matter’ in Jerusalem

Rabbi Ohad Karkover called to revoke the powers of the Jewish section of the Shin Bet: "They gave those madmen powers and they don't know how to use them."

Bus Driver Injured In Arab Shooting Attack

Egged Transport's drivers union has announced a strike Sunday morning, in protest of the shooting attack at the line 140 bus, in which the driver was injured.

Police Use Extreme Violence in Evacuating Youths from Amona

"Whenever, for lack of evidence on the part of the Shin Bet, there is a need to excuse the torture of minors in the Shin Bet dungeons, the Shin Bet starts spreading fake news."

Al Hayat: Liberman Shares Trump’s Plan with PA – Gaza Statehood, Limited PA Sovereignty,...

The Trump deal also calls for keeping Israeli settlements intact, hands Israeli control of the Judea and Samaria border crossings into Jordan, as well as security, water and the entire Jordan Valley.

Amos Oz We Knew and Didn’t Love At All, Not Even A Tiny Bit

Amos Oz was genetically incapable of striving for peace – with fellow Jews who challenged his views. With Arabs and folks who worshiped him he got along just fine.

Report: Netanyahu Fears Losing Religious Zionist Voters

On the question of who should lead the New Right party, 57% said they wanted Ayelet Shaked, compared with 43% who chose Naftali Bennett.


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