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Harpreet Singh, 48, was removed from his post as head of Maths at Sandye Place Academy in Bedfordshire, UK, after posting on Facebook the comment “Israel should be wiped off the planet,” British media reported on Tuesday.

Singh posted other “offensive and racist” comments, according to the school, including the pearl: “Of course we hate Jews. Israel is the most evil regime on the planet. Supported by Jews from within and from around the world. A token 20-30 Jews speak out.”


Singh was employed as the Head of Maths at Sandye Place Academy from September 2016. Concerns were raised by Singh’s colleagues on 6 June 2017 as to his social media posts. The day after the concerns were raised he was suspended. Singh’s laptop was inspected and inappropriate misuse was identified. A disciplinary hearing then took place and Singh was summarily dismissed.

Singh claimed in his own defense that the subject of his comments was the Israeli government, not the Jewish people, and a misconduct panel of the UK Teaching Regulation Agency actually concluded that he was not an anti-Semite. But they sacked him anyway.

The panel stated its, “concern is that Mr Singh could find himself in a similar difficult situation in the future, and it is not currently convinced that he would have the capacity to act appropriately.”

Which is why the panel concluded: “This means that Mr Harpreet Singh is prohibited from teaching indefinitely and cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England.”