Photo Credit: Israel police
Graffiti on the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv

The Polish Foreign Ministry on Sunday asked the Israeli authorities to clarify an incident at the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv and to take action to ensure the protection of the Polish diplomatic staff, Jonny Daniels, an Israeli PR man with close ties to the Polish prime minister tweeted on Sunday.

The Polish embassy at 16 Soutine Street, Tel Aviv

The protest follows the drawing of swastikas and hate slogans on the Polish Embassy building in Tel Aviv. The graffiti were written in English on a bulletin board and on the entrance gate to the Polish embassy at 16 Soutine Street in Tel Aviv.


Israel police reported it had opened an investigation and began collecting testimonies in order to locate the perpetrators.

A little over a week ago, dozens of Holocaust survivors entered the Polish embassy compound in Tel Aviv, surrounded a vehicle belonging to a Polish diplomat, and waved pictures of Holocaust victims, in protest of the Polish government’s latest attempt to shirk responsibility for the many thousands of Poles who collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

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