Photo Credit: Yariv Oppenheimer

Former far-left Peace Now leader Yariv Oppenheimer was targeted by an egg as he was peddling his bicycle down a street in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

The egg missed its target, according to a social media post written by Oppenheimer, but the second object that was thrown did not.


Oppenheimer did not identify the second object, and the assailant was unidentified as well.

“I’m still in shock from the physical assault I suffered while riding my bicycle this evening,” he wrote, titling the post ‘Violence is Violence.’ An object hit my leg very hard, and an egg was thrown at me, hitting the ground. Both were thrown from a car that was driving right next to me, that then fled the scene.

“This wasn’t a prank and it’s not a joke. This is ugly violence. People who haven’t been attacked by a stranger and who have never felt the force of a blow to their body can’t understand what it’s like,” Oppenheimer wrote.

The activist filed a police complaint over the incident.

As grievous as this experience clearly was, perhaps the former NGO spokesperson will now have a better understanding for victims of true bloody Arab terrorism and those who are forced to contend with its constant impending threat in their daily lives.

Or not.