Photo Credit: David Michael Cohen / TPS

by Yona Schnitzer

The Tzohar rabbinical organization has opened a branch at the Tel Aviv Port, a hub of secularism and a center of activity for young Israelis, to enable couples to apply for a marriage license through the organization.


This is the first collaboration between Tzohar and the Rabbinate, with the alternative Orthodox rabbinic organization blessing the new partnership and describing it as an important step forward for the benefit of all Israelis.

“Strengthening the connection between Tzohar and the local rabbinical councils is an important objective of our organization and we welcome this first initiative which allows us to partner with the Tel Aviv Rabbinate,” said Tzohar founder and chair Rabbi David Stav, who also serves as the chief rabbi of Shoham. “We are confident this will allow us to positively contribute to helping these couples build healthy new relationships and families in accordance with Halacha and the laws of the State of Israel.”

Eldad Mizrahi, Chairman of the Tel Aviv Religious Council which operates under the Rabbinate, called the cooperation “an important step in the right direction,” adding that it will both strengthen the institution of marriage registration as well as help improve the Rabinnate’s standing.

“The joining of forces between all those who are committed to marriage in the tradition of Moses and Israel through the rabbinate will help secure our Jewish identity and secure our survival as a people,” Mizrachi said.


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