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Help Pick IDF's 70s Anniversary Logo

In honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations, the IDF is embarking on a unique initiative enabling the Israeli public to choose the official IDF emblem for the year. The online voting website began operating Wednesday at 6 AM, and will remain open through October 29. Visitors can choose from three different symbols featuring an olive branch, the Star of David, and the slogan “The IDF 70th Anniversary – The victory of all of us.”

So, to clarify, you don’t get to send in your own proposed logo, you just get to pick one out of the very similar, already existing, designer-spawned logo ideas. The logos, with their colors and styles were designed by various army graphic artists and approved by the Chief of Staff.


There’s a silver lining here for our readers abroad: the IDF press release says only Israelis may choose the logo, but when we went in and picked our choice (the middle one, because we’re so weak), the website made no attempt to verify that we are card-carrying Israelis.

Also, when we came in and picked the same logo a second time, the website was just as enthusiastic in thanking us as it had been the first time. So we suspect the Chief of Staff has already picked the logo and the website is probably sheer PR.

They did insist that we declare we are not robots – which made us wonder why the IDF discriminates against robots. Don’t they have a bunch of robots already working for the security apparatus?

Click here to Select the logo of your choice.

The chosen logo will accompany every event during the 70th anniversary year of the IDF and will be stamped on official military documents this year. So if a military court sends you to prison for killing an Arab terrorist without proper permission – your verdict will be accompanied by the logo picked by thousands of adoring Israelis, which should make you feel better in some small measure.

According to the IDF press release, the slogan, “The victory of all of us,” was chosen by the army to emphasize the military victory that has accompanied Israelis throughout the years and most of all, the sense of every citizen of belonging of to the IDF – the IDF of all of us.” So, to summarize, the IDF belongs to all of us, all of us belong to the IDF, provided we are not robots.

Somebody send word to Skynet.