Photo Credit: varjag / YouTube screen grab
Hyperion Ray in October 2020, departing from Koper for Taragona, Spain

An Israeli-owned ship, the Hyperion Ray, was hit Tuesday by an Iranian missile or drone while sailing in the Gulf of Oman near the coast of the Fujairah Emirate along the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates, opposite the Persian Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz, according to the Al Mayadeen news outlet in Lebanon.

The ship has been identified as a vehicle carrier sailing under the flag of Bahamas, according to the Iranian-backed al-Alam TV network.


The Israeli Navy has gone to high alert in response to the attack.

Hyperion Ray incurred no damages and is continuing at full speed on its original voyage,” the company said in a statement.

Tuesday’s missile strike caused minimal damage to the ship, which was en route to the United Arab Emirates from Kuwait, Israel’s Channel 12 news team reported.

There were no injuries reported.

This is the third such attack in as many months by Iran targeting Israeli-owned vessels. At least two are owned by the Israeli Ray Shipping company, headed by Rami Unger.

The MV Helios Ray vehicle carrier, also owned by the Israeli Ray Shipping company, was allegedly attacked in February by Iranian IRGC naval commandos.

The third attack involved the Israeli LORI vessel and also took place in the Gulf of Oman. A missile struck and damaged the ship as it was en route to Tanzania from Saudi Arabia.

Israel has taken responsibility for an attack last week on the MV Saviz, an Iranian merchant ship identified by Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency as an IRGC forward base stationed in the Red Sea for the past several years to support to Iranian commandos escorting commercial vessels.


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