Photo Credit: PMO of Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a call to “all peace-loving countries” on Thursday evening to stand with the United States in its effort to “stop Iranians’ aggression.

The prime minister expressed Israel’s support for the United States on this issue.


Netanyahu’s statement comes as the spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all parties to “exercise maximum restraint” and avoid further escalation after Iran shot down a U.S. intelligence drone in the skies near the Strait of Hormuz. Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said Thursday that Guterres, who is “very concerned,” was calling on Iran and the U.S. to “avoid any action that could inflame the situation.” He added, “The world cannot afford a major conflict in that area,” and in response to a reporter’s question, acknowledged, “Obviously the facts need to be established. . . Various parties are looking into the issue right now.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted the same day, “We’ve retrieved sections of the U.S. military drone in OUR territorial waters where it was shot down.”

The U.S. insists the drone was flying over international territory at the time of the attack.