Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

From preliminary results, it appears that Hezbollah and their allies have lost their parliamentary majority in the recent elections in Lebanon. Until now, the pro-Hezbollah faction held 71 of the 128 parliamentary seats.

While Hezbollah appears to have held onto their own 27 parliamentary seats, their allies lost theirs, dropping the pro-Hezbollah faction down to 61 out of 128 seats.


The Christian Lebanese Forces, a Christian group which is opposed to Hezbollah and with ties to the US and Saudi Arabia, appears to have gotten around 20 seats, pushing down the Free Patriotic Movement, a Hezbollah ally, and making them the largest Christian group in the Lebanese parliament.

Overall, voter turnout was low with only 41% of eligible voters participating. Lebanon is currently in the midst of a massive economic crisis which began in 2018.


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