Photo Credit: Basal Awidat / Flash 90
An Iron Dome anti-missile system is deployed on the Golan Heights to protect northern Israel. (Archive 2015)

The rocket alert went off for Israeli communities on the Golan Height, at 4:52 Tuesday morning.

The IDF spokesperson reports that 4 missiles were launched at Israel from Syrian territory and all 4 were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system. It does not appear that any missiles landed in Israel.


Residents report hearing 3 booms.

There are no special alerts for Golan Heights residents this morning.

Arab media reported that explosions were heard near the Damascus International Airport from a possible missile strike.

But, according to Maariv reporter Tal Lev-Ram, the rockets were launched at Israel from Damascus, and contrary to Arab reports, there was no Israeli attack last night near Damascus.

According to Channel 13 reporter Alon Ben-David, the attack was launched by an Iranian force in response to a previous Israeli attack. Ben-David did not specify when or where that attack happened, but added that last night there was no such IDF attack.


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