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Israeli Research: Coaches’ Emotions Win Games

"The coaches’ emotions can make the difference between winning and losing the game.”

Bar-Ilan University Renews Massive Open Online Bible Course

The course was produced as part of an innovative program of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) together with Digital Israel . . . to make Israeli academia accessible to the interested public around the world.

Number of Israeli-Arab PhD Candidates Has Doubled in Past Decade

The increase in the number of Arab graduate students joins the significant growth of Arab students who are studying for an undergraduate degree.

Israel-US Research Team: Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Spread of Melanoma

The approach calls for filming live cancer cells with microscopic cameras and using artificial intelligence to analyze the video sequence.

Ashdod Teen Wins National Biology Competition at Bar Ilan University

At the conclusion of the competition Bar-Ilan University awarded Shai Nehemia, 16, a full one-year scholarship to the faculty of her choice.

Haifa U. President Takes Leadership Role in Fighting BDS

To date, more than 1,500 faculty members at over 250 American universities have publicly supported academic boycotts of Israel.

Hebrew U., Cornell Researchers Discover Tiny Particles Can Switch Back and Forth Between Phases

The discovery could have uses relating to quantum computing or as a seed for the generation of larger nanoparticles.

Oxford University in England Debating Ban on Kosher Meat

“The vote to ban kosher food only makes the diversity issue worse.”

Mandelblit Quashes Zilber’s Scheme, Ariel U. Gets Its Med School

Minister Bennett noted that "there is a serious shortage of doctors in Israel, and there is a need to establish a school, and there is a university that is suitable for this."

Hebrew U. Researcher Says Declining Marriage Rates a Solution for Loneliness

At the same time, a Feb. 6, 2019 Pew survey found the religious people are more likely to be happy and healthy.

Declassified Report on UNRWA Accuses US State Dept of Misleading Congress on PA Schoolbooks

“. . .material purchased using U.S. tax dollars to counter the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bias injected by the PA is being rejected and not utilized on the ground."

Higher Education Council Reverses Ariel Med School Vote, Bennett Vows to ‘Fight the Cartel’

"The time has come for Israeli physicians, too, to come out of Ariel University's medical school and contribute to the health of Israeli citizens."

Israeli Research Links Adult Fibromyalgia to PTSD, Childhood Sexual Abuse

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective treatment.

Bar-Ilan University Signs Academic Cooperation Agreements with Macedonia

In the framework of an Erasmus Mobility Agreement, Bar-Ilan University has become active in a large-scale project to restore Macedonia's ancient Jewish cemetery of Bitola, the largest and oldest in the Balkans.

J Street U, SJP Launch New Campaign Targeting Pro-Israel Community

J Street U and Students for Justice in Palestine chapters at the University of Vermont released corresponding letters last week blasting the school's Hillel for accepting funds from the pro-Israel group Maccabee Task Force.

Coup: AG Deputies Handicap Second Vote on Ariel Medical School, Sure to Spell Its...

As things stand, with two pro-Ariel members removed in a style reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird, there's no reason to expect the remaining five committee members would endorse the Ariel medical school.

Exposed: Campus ‘Palestinian Youth Movement’ Promotes Terrorism, Tied to Terror Groups

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) which has associated itself with US-designated terror organizations is gaining prominence on US campuses.

Michigan, Pitzer, Boycotters of Israeli Academia Just the Tip of an Iceberg

Opponents of an academic boycott of Israel owe John Cheney-Lippold and Daniel Segal a debt of gratitude.

Eilat Coral Reef Survives Climate Change, Future Looks Good for Next Generations

"Corals around the world are already suffering mass mortality as a result of anomalously high water temperatures."

Hebrew U. Developed Water Purification of Nuclear Waste

"The Alloxan tray reacted with cesium ions in aqueous solutions and formed an insoluble complex with them that sank out of the solution and could be easily separated."

Source: Accused Teen’s Yeshiva Dean Main Prosecution Witness

The maximum sentence the accused teen may receive is 25 years.

Bar Ilan Study: Parental PTSD Affects Health Choices, Aging, of Holocaust survivors’ Children

The current findings suggest that unhealthy behaviors should be assessed among offspring of Holocaust survivors, especially among those whose parents suffer from PTSD.

Israel to Close UNRWA Schools in Jerusalem

The curriculum for the schools will be set by the Israel Education Ministry.


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