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Laurie Cardoza-Moore Applauds Resignation of Holocaust Denier Florida Principal

“Days ago we celebrated our nation’s victory over tyranny, we cannot allow our children to be taught by Nazi sympathizers who are led by hate and not the Constitution or laws of this land."

Leeds, UK, Reduces Childhood Obesity Using Bar-Ilan Professor’s Program

The program has been tailored to families with children under the age of three.

Hebrew U. Researchers Produce Chemical Insulin that Cuts Frequency of Injections Substantially

The stability of the chemical hormone developed in Prof. Metanis' laboratory will not only affect the duration of its decomposition in the body, but also its transportation.

Florida Removes Principal Who Said Holocaust Not Factual Event

The mother who corresponded with Latson said he was afraid to take a stand on something this obvious for fear of retribution from parents who deny the Holocaust.

Israeli Arab Champion Threatened by Anti-Zionist NGO

"We are hopeful that you will reconsider this participation, and cause the Occupation to miss an opportunity to take advantage of your high-jump to improve their image by jumping on the wounds of our Palestinian nation."

IfNotNow Sends ‘Ransom Note’ to Camp Ramah Leaders

Why, of all the ills plaguing the planet, from climate change to measles, is she so dedicated to get half a million Jews to leave their homes in favor of people she never met.

Israel Invested NIS100 M. in Eastern Jerusalem Arab Neighborhoods, with a Focus on Education

It is part of a five-year plan to develop the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem through a massive investment of billions.

3,000-Year-Old Purple Dye Industry Revealed Near Haifa

The most prestigious clothes in this era were dyed with the famous purple (Hebrew: argaman and techelet), produced from the glands of maritime snails of the Murex snail family.

In Israel, You Say Tomato, I Say . . . AI?

The research is ultimately aimed at making the crops more robust while improving their nutritional value at the same time.

Israel Allocates $40 Million to Encourage Academic Excellence Among Students of Ethiopian Descent

The new CHE program offers support starting at the pre-academic stage and continuing on to bachelor’s degree studies and advanced degree studies.

Bar-Ilan Pop Up University Launches with Lecture on Growing Medical Cannabis

To advance cannabis research, a 70-square-meter secured greenhouse was recently constructed at Bar-Ilan University.

Bar Ilan Scientist Part of Study Asking Who Tells the Immune System to Slow...

“Thanks to this international collaboration, we demonstrated that the protein TOX is a master regulator of exhaustion state in T cells."

UTJ Irate at Blue & White Haredi Female MK’s Visit to Haredi Seminary

Gafni could avoid the visit that offended him so much by helping the seminary retain its status vis-à-vis Israeli medical schools.

Sharansky Becomes Bar Ilan’s Guardian of Zion

From Prisoner of Zion to Guardian of Zion: Natan Sharansky was honored by Bar-Ilan University's Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies.

NYC Health Dept. Closes 10th Yeshiva for Violating Measles Order

The New York City Health Department has closed a tenth yeshiva in the city – ninth in Brooklyn – due to violation of the...

De Blasio Grants Strand Bookstore Landmark Status Over Owner’s Fierce Objections

Preservationists who oppose the planned 21-story tech hub, said RAL, the developer the mayor selected for the project, donated $10,000 to a de Blasio charity in 2015.

Hebrew U Awards More PhDs than Any Other Israeli University in 2019

The majority of new PhDs are in the Natural Sciences (72), Humanities (70) and Social Sciences (46) fields.

NC Pluralistic Jewish Academy Shuts Down Abruptly, But Wait, There’s More

Now here's the kind of coincidence that should be filed under disastrous divine interventions.

240 Israeli, Jewish Academics Plead with Germans to Kill ‘BDS Is Anti-Semitism’ Law

"We reject this motion, which is based on the false allegation that BDS as such equals anti-Semitism."

Bar-Ilan Study: Your Stressed-Out Bacteria Could Trigger Autoimmune Response

Autoimmune diseases include multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, scleroderma, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Hebrew U Professor Calls to Boycott International Physics Olympiad Hosted by Israel

The International Physics Olympiad is the premier international physics competition for high school students that includes competitors from some 80 countries.

Tony Blair at Bar Ilan: Anti-Semitism Imperils Britain’s Labour Party

At the Bar-Ilan University 2019 Board of Trustees Gala event, former UK Prime Minister Tony Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is warning that...

Hebrew U Prof. Calls Zionist Students ‘Nazi Dogs,’ Wants Them Banned from Advanced Degrees

Despite the rector's warning, Goldblum said that if a student enters his classroom wearing an Im Tirtzu T-shirt, he would refuse to continue teaching and "call security."

Bar Ilan Expanding into Archaeological Gemology

Bar-Ilan University is establishing a unique laboratory featuring equipment that allows for analytical and absolute identification of precious stones found during the excavations.

TAU Researchers Identified Millennia-Old Animal, Plant Remains on Tiny Cave Flint Tools

"Prehistoric man was a natural recycler, as an integral part of his life. We certainly have much to learn from him... "

Former Central Bank Chiefs Inaugurate TAU’s Zuckerman Institute for Global Economics

“We will try in this institute to bring the best — not only in theoretical studies, which are extremely important, but also in applicable studies to specify and articulate what it takes for the economy to be successful and prosperous.”

NYSED Compels Yeshivahs To Accept Religious Exemptions For Vaccinations

NYSED’s Office of Counsel found that Yeshiva of Spring Valley’s blanket statement that it does not accept any religious exemptions was in violation of state law.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee U Won’t Sanction Student Calling to Gas the Jews

Of course, there's always an alternative resource that's also available on- and off-campus, which employs a blanket, three hefty individuals and a baseball bat.

Report: Israeli Academics Tried to Kill German Anti-BDS Law

"Contrary to NGO claims that they are engaging in 'legitimate criticism' of Israel, the NGO rhetoric, publications, and activities often violate accepted standards."

Hebrew University’s International Graduate Professor Spouts Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Panteleimon Papadopoulos, a foreign student from Greece who was enrolled in the course, told Im Tirtzu that Golan "created a hostile image of this country which does not correspond to reality."


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