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Columbia University

A lawsuit filed against Columbia University by an unnamed Jewish student in her second year has resulted in an agreement to expand security to students who feel unsafe on campus.

As part of a June 4 settlement, Columbia agreed to hire a “safe passage liaison” to manage a safety escort program available 24 hours a day to coordinate security to walk with students. The program will run at least through Dec. 31 and provide a “designated point of contact” for those interested in the service.


The school will also address other points from the lawsuit, such as providing a process for students to pick up items when they cannot safely enter campus and an appeals process for those whose academic performance is negatively impacted by the antisemitic environment.

The changes satisfied the complainant, who agreed to withdraw the suit.

A university spokesperson wrote in a statement to the student-run daily paper, Columbia Spectator, that the school was “pleased we’ve been able to come to a resolution and remain committed to our No. 1 priority: the safety of our campus so that all of our students can successfully pursue their academic goals.”

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