Photo Credit: Photo credit: Rav Hakotel
Morgan Freeman and Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz at the Western Wall.

Morgan Freeman, who appeared as God in the hit film “Bruce Almighty,” and Nelson Mandela in “Long Walk to Freedom,” visited the Western Wall on Sunday and met with the Kotel Rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz. Freeman is on a Middle East tour researching his next series, “The Story of God.”

“The story of God is one of the greatest mysteries and most important ideas in the world,” Freeman said, adding, “for me, this is a personal and enduring quest to understand the divine, and I am humbled by the opportunity to take viewers along on this incredible journey.”


Freeman arrived in Israel from Egypt, where he shot scenes for the new series in Cairo and near the Pyramids of Giza.

Israel is being blessed this season with A-list celebrity visitors. Sean Penn will be arriving as the guest of the Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID. He will speak at a conference about reconstruction efforts in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

And comedian Jerry Seinfeld is expected in Tel Aviv December 19, as part of his world tour.

At this point, even if Roger Waters wanted to show up in Tel Aviv, he might not find an unbooked venue…


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  1. I do not venerate celebrities, but I do honor and respect great Americans who came out of nowhere to benefit mankind. Mr. Freeman's most beneficial role is in his TV series "Through the Wormhole," now beginning its sixth season. Every episode teaches me things I knew nothing about, regarding the most forward looking sciences.
    To my friends I call him "Carl Sagan III." (CS-II was also an African American who was a Sagan disciple as a teenager and updated CS spectacularly well 20 years later.) Add to that Mr. Freeman's breakout role was as a driver for a wealthy Jewish widow in the USA south, set before MLK did his thing. Then his portrayal of the one name in South Africa which will be remembered by the world in the 22d century.
    Yes, I admit to venerating him and am proud he was properly welcolmed by Rabbi Rabinowitz.

  2. So a man who doesn't believe in G-d, who believes that G-d is an "idea" that has evolved and percolated through the millinia from one civilization to another and who is coming to Israel to study "Jewish mythology" is an honored guest at the Kotel??? No wonder Israel is in trouble!!!

    And wow, Sean Penn is coming to talk about Haiti and Seinfeld is doing stand-up routines. This totally fulfills ALL the prophecies!!!![/sarcasm]

    When Mashiach HaMelekh arrives JP won't even put it on the front page; it'll be back in the "religion" section!

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