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Attempted murder victim, June 26, 2018

A young Jew was severely assaulted on Tuesday by a number of Arabs near the Givat Asaf junction in Binyamin, Honenu reported Thursday. The young man was severely wounded in the attack, his skull was cracked, his ribs were broken, and he suffered a hole in his lungs. He is hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday, the young man approached the Honenu legal aid society for help as a crime victim. Honenu attorney Haim Bleicher arrived at the hospital and took down the injured man’s testimony. An inquiry with the police revealed that they had arrested one of the attackers immediately following the incident, but released him shortly thereafter.


Bleicher sent an urgent letter to the commander of the Judea and Samaria police precinct, detailing the incident: “While my client was standing on the hill, a shepherd in his 40s, accompanied by a child, approached him. When my client asked from afar what they were doing, the shepherd began to throw stones at my client while using his mobile phone to call on other rioters to come over.

“My client tried, but was unable to call for help.

“A vehicle arrived soon after with two minority young who began throwing stones at my client and advanced toward him with clubs. My client tried to retreat while facing his assailants, to avoid the stones they were throwing at him, while he heard the older assailant yelling at the boys to ‘slaughter’ my client,” Bleicher described the incident, adding that his client managed to finally escape the beatings and stones by rolling to the highway and yelling for help. He stated that to the best of his knowledge police picked up the suspect right away and then let them go.

Finally, Bleicher demanded that the police arrest the assailants immediately: “This is a serious incident with severe consequences, which took place strictly because my client is an Israeli Jew. I would like you to immediately arrest the assailants and exhaust the investigation of the incident.”

Noting that “the police are yet to have taken down my client’s complaint about the attack,” attorney Bleicher insisted that “an investigator arrive at the hospital as soon as possible in order to record my client’s complaint.”

Stressing that the attack on his client “could have easily ended in murder,” attorney Bleicher said “the attackers are dangerous terrorists and the law and security authorities must immediately put their hands on them. Unfortunately, the suspects were released at the time of the incident, but now that the details of the incident have been clarified, they must be arrested without delay.”

“We intend to continue to follow up until the full prosecution of these terrorists is completed,” Bleicher said.

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