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Al Akhbar: Trump Wants Jordan to Take In 1 Million ‘Palestinians’

King Abdullah has made it clear that he thought the plan was dangerous.

2019 Sample Vote Results in Rehovot (Israel’s Ohio): Bibi, then Gantz then… Feiglin

And so, having introduced you to the Columbus, Ohio of Israel, here are the results of yesterday's sample vote, please take it with the appropriate grain of salt, in fact, use a few grains of salt...

Feiglin’s No. 2 Hits Back, Accusing Bennett, Shaked, of Serial Betrayals

Amsalem also accused Bennett and Shaked of reneging on their deal with him, under the influence of his own Haredi enemies.

Latest Miskar Poll (4,500 Respondents): Bibi 31, Gantz 28, Feiglin 8, Bennett 7

It is possible that future historians will point to the April 2019 elections as the turning point in Israeli politics, where the country joined the deep-right trend of the Western world.

Incensed Syrian FM: Arab Summit Statement on Golan Occupation Weaker than UK’s

“Syria will liberate the occupied Golan, and all means and all choices are on the table.”

GOP to Force New Anti-Semitism Amendment Down Democrats’ Craw

It appears the House Democrats are going to bite this bullet and vote down the anti-Semitism amendment, hoping that their Jewish constituents would understand.

Career Change: British Paratroopers Use Corbyn’s Image for Target Practice

We must admit, we support the soldiers and admit to chuckling just the right, acceptable amount. Hey, you did too.

Cardoza-Moore Asking Trump to Probe Rep. Omar’s Muslim Brotherhood Connections

"If an organization which seeks the demise of America has managed to infiltrate Congress, it might be time for the Commander in Chief to take action."

Smotrich: ‘The Army’s Role Is to Fight and Win, Not Promote Feminist Beliefs’

Smotrich argued that the inevitable sexual tension in mixed-sex IDF units harms the military performance of both men and women, at the expense of the army's professionalism.

Update: Feiglin Rejects Rumor He Won’t Insist on Cannabis Legalization

"Great forces are working to preserve the existing situation. The other parties and media people are pouring the fake news from their talking point pages to scare the public away."

State Comptroller Recommends Criminal Investigation of UTJ’s Gafni

According to the report, other individuals involved in this case were served with indictments while the protected rabbi eluded the investigators, allegedly thanks to Gafni's assistance.

Israeli Stutterers’ Group Defends Gantz’s Embarrassing TV Performance

"It's time to stop ridiculing people who stammer, and certainly stop using the word stammering as a derogatory term."

Now Both Palestine and Jewish Councilman Yeger’s Membership Don’t Exist

Linda Sarsour, a dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semite and very clever Arab activist declared following Yeger's dismissal: “No Longer will anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim comments by elected officials go unchecked. It’s a new day.”

Shaked: I will Abolish Justice Barak’s Constitutional Revolution

Instead of the committee, Minister Shaked will empower the Knesset to vet supreme court candidates in public hearings, much the way this is done in the US Senate.

Otzma Yehudit Activists Block Kerem Shalom Crossing on First Day of Gaza ‘Understandings’

During the operation, one of the truck drivers tried to attack the activists with a knife.

Another NY Jewish Councilman under Attack, This Time by Gay Media

Deutsch leads the city council's 14-member Jewish Caucus, and chairs the council’s Veterans Committee.

Right Wing Union: High Court Decided Our Fate for the Last Time

Recently appointed conservative justice Alex Stein supported the promotion of Ben-Gvir, while Justices Noam Solberg and Menachem Mazuz objected.

Bennett Complains to AG: Netanyahu Isolating Cabinet Ministers from Events in Gaza

Media reports have suggested in recent weeks that the main reason Netanyahu is not assembling his cabinet has to do with Bennett's vehement attacks on the PM/DM's security policy.

‘Brazil’s Trump’ Jair Bolsonaro in Israel Sunday on First International Visit

Bolsonaro praised President Donald Trump on his Israel policy, and Bolsonaro's son said Brazil should relocate Brazil's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu: Ganz Won’t Be My Defense Minister; Gantz: Bibi Won’t Be My Finance Minister

It's refreshing to see the aloof, cryptic former chief of staff finally splashing in the mud among all the other wrestlers.

Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Reintroduced by Senators

Sens. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) reintroduced the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which would require the Department of Education to adopt the State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism in evaluating incidents on college campuses.

Report: Only 51% of Arab Voters Plan to Hit the Polls Election Day

In addition to the two major lists fighting for the Arab vote, Hadash-Ta'al and Ra'am-Balad, a number of new parties are also vying for the Arab vote, which are not expected to approach the 3.25% vote threshold.

Jewish Councilman May Be Removed from Immigration Committee over ‘No Palestine’ Tweet

Anti-Israel activist Abbas Hamideh, an associate of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) has tweeted the councilman's home address and invited other anti-Israel activists to protest there.


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