11 Pro-Israel Groups Call on Pelosi to Yank Rep. Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee

The pro-Israel groups told Pelosi that Omar’s appearance before Islamic Relief USA had shocked US Jews, since the UAE and Israel designated it a terrorist organization many years ago.

Speaker Edelstein: Jewish Power Won’t Join a Likud Coalition Even If Netanyahu Pushes For...

"How I am supposed to feel if I now, as speaker of the Knesset, say to [Netanyahu], 'Go home,' and later it turns out he was innocent?"

Corbyn Pelted with Egg Near London Mosque

The attack took place while Corbyn was visiting the Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park, at the heart of his own election district, Islington North.

Erekat: Consulate-Embassy Merge ‘Final Nail in the Coffin’ of US Role in Peace Talks

The move brings all the Palestinian Authority affairs directly under the supervision of Ambassador David Friedman, a well known supporter of the settlement enterprise.

Top Democrats Pressing Case Against ‘Vile Anti-Semitic’ Congresswoman

Omar referenced the classic "dual loyalties" accusation used by Jew haters for at least 3,500 years.

Bibi’s Lawyers: 2 out of 3 Indictment Files Dead on Arrival

Regarding case 4,000, Bibi's attorneys claim that it is a precedent-setting case, attempting to establish a post-facto norm that has no place in any other country.

Bennett: We Will Absolutely Recommend Netanyahu as Next Prime Minister

Bennett stressed that the upcoming elections will decide "oh yamin oh Falastin" (either a right-wing government or a Palestinian state).

Labor Party’s Former General: Expulsion of Jews from Gaza Strip Was ‘Brilliant Move’

There is little doubt that Russo, once known as known as the Disengagement Commander, would happily apply his lessons from the Gaza evacuation to the settlers of Judea and Samaria – if he were allowed.

Shabbat Across Winnipeg Keynote Speaker Dropped over IfNotNow Affiliation

Also recently, IfNotNow extended inclusive arms to congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in their struggle against the right of a Jewish organization use "Benjamins" to influence US politics. 

Republicans Seek First-Ever Convention in Jerusalem

“This is expected to be the first international conference of its sort, and we can’t think of a better place to hold it,” says Marc Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel. “The proposed conference will present the unshakable alliance between the U.S. and Israel.”

Lod’s Religious Mayor: Next Interior Minister Must Not Be Haredi

"I very much hope that the next interior minister will be from the Likud and not from there (the Haredi parties)."

Gantz Files $140,000 Lawsuit Against NY Woman Claiming He Sexually Harassed Her

Blue and White co-chairman Benny Gantz on Thursday filed a libel suit for half a million shekels ($140,000) against Navarone (Nava) Jacobs, an Israeli expatriate living in New York.

Peace Now Petitions AIPAC to Disinvite Netanyahu

This should teach both AIPAC and AJC a lesson about diverting their lobbying efforts from Washington DC to Jerusalem.

Bennett: Trump Divulged ‘Deal’ Details to Erdogan, PA, Arabs – How About to Israeli...

"President Trump, let my people know – what is in the Palestinian Plan?"

Netanyahu Heading for Moscow: Coordinating IDF and Russian Activities in Syria a Top Priority

Downed Russian planes aside, Netanyahu said the primary reason for his talks with President Putin in Moscow is, as always, Iran.

Evangelical Leader Cardoza-Moore: Ilhan Omar Represents Hamas in Congress

“Ilhan Omar covertly represents Hamas in the US Congress, we need to act now before this blows up in our faces. CAIR and Hamas are one and the same."

Otzma Yehudit Platform Radical on Jewish Values, Hazy on Practical Implementation

I'd like to see a better reasoned and less combative platform – with no need to change or moderate the party's beliefs.

Naftali Bennett Sees Trump Plan as ‘Clear and Immediate Danger’

"In the upcoming election, the question posed is 'right or Palestine'."

Latest Election Poll: Largest Party: Gantz | Coalition: Netanyahu

The polls indicate that only Netanyahu is likely to be able to form a coalition.

Labor Supports Bennett’s Accusation: Lapid, Gantz, Only Seeking Likud Jobs

If you were using you stopwatch app to measure how long it would take Yair Lapid to damage his new party's chances to win, we got about five days.

Regavim: Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Dozens of Bedouin Illegal Structures Intact, Expanded

"This is a bleak situation that could not exist in any other local municipality in the State of Israel, certainly not after a clear ruling by the Supreme Court."

Bennett: Bibi Plans Palestinian State; Bibi: Stop Firing Inside the Troops Carrier

Giving up liberated lands and establishing a Palestinian State would give Bibi the status of an untouchable "Etrog" in the Israeli left-leaning prosecution and, of course, media.

Litzman, Gafni: No Coalition Government with Lapid, Ever

"The man who preaches to us to study core curriculum subjects and didn't finish high school."

Good News: Daniel Barenboim Doesn’t Hate Israel, He Hates Everybody

In 2015, Barenboim announced his plans to take the Berlin State Opera with him to Tehran in celebration of the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic. Iran said Thanks but no thanks in response.

Saudi Arabia Appoints Princess Ambassador to US

The Kingdom cancelled the appointment of Prince Khalid bin Salman Al Saud, a son of King Salman.


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