Photo Credit: Background image source: Wikimedia; candy image courtesy Elite
Marwan Barghouti with Tortit candy

A source inside Israel’s Prisons Authority told Channel 2 News that prison staff had stashed cookies, a Tortit candy (“A wonderful waffle snack made of almond cream, from Elite”) and some salt in Marwan Barghouti’s cell, in attempt to get him to break his hunger strike.

As has been celebrated on Israeli media Sunday, the security camera inside the imprisoned PLO leader, believed to be the heir apparent of 82-year-old PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Barghouti succumbed to temptation and, hiding in the bathroom section of his cell, gulped down the goodies.


This is not Barghouti’s first time being caught on camera munching secretly while his fellow prisoners stuck to the hunger strike. According to Channel 2, back in 2004, during a hunger strike, the great leader was photographed devouring his food, then hiding his plate.

Arab media, especially inside the PA, have largely ignored the shaming incident, at least until Fadwa Barghouti, the next leader’s wife, told a press conference on Monday that Israel had faked the video.

So now the folks in Ramallah at least know of the accusations against the man destined to lead them to freedom – if they’re not careful, they might end up following him to the nearest concession stand…