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Minister Yariv Levin (R) and Reform Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs

Last week, Tourism Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) attacked the Reform communities around the world, accusing them of “failing to support Israel abroad,” and suggesting “they’ll become meaningless within two generations.” Needless to say, the American Reform Movement did not take that one lying down.

To get things rolling, Director General of Israel’s Reform Movement Rabbi Gilad Kariv on Wednesday emailed the world Reform communities, calling on the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Federations of North America to stop their cooperation with Minister Yariv until he takes it back.


Reform Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, said in response (to Yariv): “As long as he doesn’t think that Diaspora Jews have no right to voice opinions on matters such as the Kotel, there’s no reason to give him a platform in Jewish communities and organizations in the United States.”

Was that a double negative? “As long as he doesn’t think” — that’s totally double negative.

In any event, as of Thursday, Reform Judaism may not be boycotting Settlements products yet, but they certainly boycott Yariv Levin.

Levin, for his part, said in a statement, “It is annoying that in an era when we are struggling to explain to the world why a boycott is not a legitimate means, the representative of Reform Judaism elects to use this improper way of boycotting and silencing. We mustn’t ignore the difficult reality of the ever-increasing assimilation. I will continue to speak clearly and act determinedly to stop this dangerous phenomenon.”

And just so you’ll remember, an associate of Minister Levin reminded Army Radio, which broke the story early Thursday morning, that Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv ran on the Labor Party list to the Knesset.

Advantage Levin.



  1. Of course American Reform has a right to express its opinions. And Israelis have a right to ignore them. Israelis see US Reform as a lesbian-led eunic that can't reproduce children, whose youth mostly don't marry Jews, 1/2 of whose marriages end in divorce and whose information on society is dictated by the left wing of the Democratic Party. Israelis are Republican oriented, very reproductive and children oriented, and don't give a hoot about a gender neutered sidur in English that uses 'it' to describe G-d. Today, Reform has been hijacked by the femenist, GLBT, PETA and other left wing agendas. Reform is as respected in Israel as a cheap watered down wine is to a connoisseur. Feh.

  2. Yaakov Zelig Ah, my cousin, Yaakov, Youssef here. Shabbat will always be worshipped in my home privately, because I am surrounded by elements, as described by Gary Dalin, of this so-called Reform Movement. Reform Movement, my Pa-Duke-Ahs (Street Slang for those little round things found between a man's legs, except males of the Reform Movement)!
    Baruch, Hashem, to us all. And a Pox on the Reform Movement.

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