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Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein confirmed in “a concrete and personal” manner an order to torture the detainees in the Duma case, Ha’aretz reported Thursday, citing “sources close to the investigation.” The same sources said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not know about the approval and only received a report about the torture after the fact.

The sources said that Weinstein had given his approval to use torture in interrogating the suspects three weeks ago, after Police had informed him their investigation was stuck in the mud. According to the same sources, except for one suspect, a minor, who gave only partial information to informants, the rest of the suspects remain silent in their interrogations. Under these circumstances, the attorney general decided to allow the Shabak to use “special measures.”


Although the Shabak is under Netanyahu’s control, and the head of the organization meets with him weekly for updates, the Prime Minister was not informed in advance about Weinstein’s approval and had no knowledge of the service’s intention to torture suspects. Although he was aware of the option Shabak had to use physical pressure, Netanyahu was informed about the use of torture only after the fact, according to Ha’aretz.

Weinstein’s alleged approval violated the torture protocol established by Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, after the High Court banned the use of these methods in 1999. According to Rubinstein, the Attorney General does not have the authority to allow Shabak interrogators to use physical means in specific cases, but only to inform them how far they can go without risking his putting them on trial. Weinstein, according to the sources, gave a concrete permission to actually torture the suspects because they refused to incriminate themselves.

In addition, Rubinstein confirmed at the time the Shabak internal consultation procedures regarding the cases where the use of physical pressure was permitted. Apparently, Weinstein was not supposed to pre-approve such methods, but it is possible that he told interrogators that should they use the excessive interrogation methods on the Duma suspects he guaranteed they would not be tried.

On Sunday the State Prosecution is expected to submit at least one indictment in the Duma case. The main suspect will be charged with murder, while the second suspect, a minor, will be charged with murder or conspiracy to murder, as well as six additional violent incidents, at least two of which involved arson.

The Justice Ministry said in response that “decisions about the character of the investigation were reached by the Shabak chief in accordance with his authority, under the supervision and guidance of the highest officials in the Ministry of Justice, headed by the Attorney General.”

The Justice Ministry told Ha’aretz in a statement that Deputy AG Raz Nizri conducted his personal visits with the detainees last Saturday night and went away with the impression that “the physical and mental condition of the detainees is fine, and there is a significant gap between the claims made directly by the detainees and part of what is being claimed in their name in public.” The statement added that “it should be noted that should the representatives of the suspects have various complaints about measures that were used in the investigation, these claims should be deliberated in the normal ways. To be clear, none of the above constitutes a confirmation of the matters alleged in your inquiry.”


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  1. its time that mr. whinestein be given some of his same medicine to correct his abuses of his position and to reform him so he can become more objective in his dealings with Jews and Judaism.
    torture test # 1-
    Chicken soup drip drop test. –
    from a height of 20 feet droplets of chicken soup land on his head and try to enter his brain enabling him to see the light
    of truth and justice- with no other food available, he can also manage to just open his mouth and inbibe the drops and just live on this Jewish truth serum for the full amount of time he
    illegally kept this innocent boys in confinement
    #2-Flashing Light test-
    In a dark room, he would be subjected to bright flashing images of pasuks from the Torah he seems to disdain and go against- These Pasuks deal with issues of lying, slandering,
    hurting innocent people and abusing judicial responsibilities
    which seem to be his hallmark
    and if still does not respond to the above and still abuses his position of authority, the Israel secret service will proceed to administer the horrific
    #3 Write right Quill Feather test-
    the shabaknics will administer this punishment using
    a sofer's quill and require that the AG write 613 times per hour the following proclamation: Justice, Justice I shall pursue
    and if he falters, the agents will proceed to take the same pen and prick and tickle the bottom of his feet for 613 seconds
    regardless of outcome and any unsupreme court protestations against such torture. This will also last for the same duration
    that this dumb duma falsely orchestrated event took place.

    May G-d avenge those in authority who abuse their positions against innocent victims!

  2. Well, then he better OK it on the far left activists working in conjunction with Hamas and Fatah to incite terrorism and aid in illegal buildings, violent demonstrations and giving out lies to the UN. They are much more dangerous to Israel as a whole but of course this person, like all the judges are left wing and hate anyone who is not.

  3. Further evidence that the State of Israel has abandoned the Rule of Law and is not a legitimate state. Men and women with a sense of moral rectitude and justice are the only ones fit to occupy the office of AG. Weinstein is a complete degenerate. Since he has mastered the tactics of Al Capone led him work for the mafia. Such a person is unfit and invalid for office in Medinat Yisrael.

  4. shameful to the bone, the whole handling of the duma case crosses all red lines, everybody is nervous because of the media incitement. After all a few dead Palestinians is no reason to go in this direction.They are the enemy and show that everyday. We are Jews and are against cruelty, but it is always possible to find those that enjoy the torture of others.

  5. This man should be held responsible and if he acted unlawfully should face justice. Where are the screaming leftist "human right" organizations who raise hell for any suspicion of unlawful anti terrorist Interrogation involving Muslims. Jews have lesser rights in a Jewish State?

  6. Israel is a political basket case that has no Constitution. Under the current situation, the Prime Minister cannot fire the Attorney General, a man who can over ride the decisions of an elected Government even in the conduct of a war. He is in reality accountable to nobody, especially not the Knesset. Even the Supreme Court who I believe is his boss, they elect a replacement when one retires so that the same political mindset really rules the country. This is the reason why one insane decision follows the other, virtually always leftist and pro Arab.
    If anyone is interested in reading a comprehensive analysis of the situation, then below is a link to an excellent article written by Aviel Sheyin-Stevens that was published in this site mid last year.

  7. What goes on in the USA is the fault of Congress in allowing this current President of yours to do what he does with impunity.

    However, as far as Israel is concerned, there’s no point in trying to gloss over the reality that in that country a despotic few have control. The legal situation in Israel is that the Attorney General cannot be fired by the sitting Prime Minister or even a majority of the Knesset. Supreme Court justices there appoint each other when one retires and the Attorney General who is their man. In fact the true insanity of it all is that I believe that legally the Attorney General can fire the elected Prime Minister but not the other way round.

    I am not a fan of Netanyahu as I think he’s too weak and soft on terrorism etc. However, all his nominations to various posts that were considered too right of centre for Weinstein’s liking never had a hope of getting appointed. He in fact vetoes all appointments not to his liking and leftist/pro Arab sentiments. This man even decides on Rules of Engagement that tie the IDF and IAF’s hands behind their back.

    You ask in a post below: “What is being done about this (Duma) incident?”
    I’ll answer that with one word NOTHING.
    Until there is structural political reform in Israel, nothing can or will be done.
    This episode will be just washed away under the carpet till the next time when people will again declare, “fire him” when he cannot be fired or “What will be done” knowing full well that nothing will be done.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Israel is a political basket case of a country masquerading as a democracy. Structural political reform has been needed for decades, but will it ever happen? Don’t hold your breath.

    A good Constitutional lawyer is needed and needed now to advise the Israeli electorate on all issues of good governance.

  8. This is criminal act of illegal abuse of government office that should be investigated and tried in the court same as for Olmert. However, nobody talking that such consent was issued, without doubt, under request and pressure from Shabak.

    All government officials who confirmed and covered this international crime also became complicit in criminal activity.
    It is mistake to think that Shabak – stile stalin's KGB – tried hard to discover the truth – they are just needed victim’s admission under torture so that they would look good.

    It is interesting to find statistics about official total number of Arab terrorist attacks versus alleged Jewish defense actions and percentage of Shin Bet's successful investigation of them.

  9. If the report regarding extracting a confession through abuse is correct then apart from ignoring a High Court ruling, the person who gave the order committed a crime as did those who abused the people. Equally important though is that a confession provided under duress is inadmissable in an unbiased court of law and that if there is no evidence other that a forced confession, the prosecution's case is baseless.

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