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Elbit Completes $500 Million Acquisition of Israel Military Industries

The decision to privatize IMI was made by the Israeli government in 2013.

IAI Unveils Next Generation Counter-Drone Guard System

The Drone Guard's 3D Radars, Electro-Optical (EO), and Jammer systems have all been upgraded with bolstered capabilities.

2-Day National Vicious Cyber Attack Simulation a Success

"We have successfully concluded the most extensive national exercise that has ever been held until now."

XpressSAR to Buy 4 Israel Aerospace Industries Radar Satellites

The TecSAR satellites are substantially smaller, lighter and more agile than competing satellites in their category.

Polish Air Force Receives Elbit Mission Simulators

The supplied simulators enable Polish air force cadets to gain top quality training and superior mission readiness.

Israeli Scientists Show Tropical Fish Can Control Their Gut Microbes to Survive Extreme Temperatures

"Microbes and their hosts work together in a 'survival of the fittest' as part of the natural selection process."

Canadian Billionaire Joins Israeli Moon Landing Project

“We are in the final stretch before the launch and preparations are at full power.”

Astronomers Discover Giant Relic of Disrupted ‘Tadpole’ Galaxy

Tel Aviv University researchers say the discovery illuminates how and why galaxies disappear.

Groundbreaking Research: Israeli Scientists Can Create Personalized Tissue Implants

"With our technology, we can engineer any tissue type, and after transplantation we can efficiently regenerate any diseased or injured organ."

Professor Alon Chen Appointed President of Weizmann Institute of Science

Prof. Chen will take office on December 1st, 2019, when the current president, Prof. Daniel Zajfman, who took office in 2006, will complete his term.

Israeli Research Leads to Ban of Sunscreen in South Pacific Island of Palau

The move follows a similar ban in Hawaii that was enacted in an effort to save its own coral reefs, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Elbit to Provide Maritime Drone System to EU Countries

If fully realized, the total contract value will be about $68 million.

IAI Signs $550 Million Anti-Aircraft Systems Deal with Undisclosed ‘Asian Nation’

The transaction was entered following an international tender in which IAI competed against several defense leaders.

Israeli Researchers Say Birthweights Increase in Proportion to Number of Births

"We can harness this information to provide better medical care to women in the initial stage of pregnancies and improve their chances of maintaining healthy pregnancies."

Israeli Scientists Study New Way to Treat Cancer & Other Diseases

Researchers say the groundbreaking method may prove useful in treating myriad malignancies, inflammatory diseases and rare genetic disorders.

Netanyahu and Chinese Vice President Wang Launch Israeli Innovation Center

“It is called the grand opening for innovation and peace center because the idea is that peace and innovation absolutely go together, innovation is an engine of peace, not only of progress.”

IAI, Airbus Maritime Heron Drone complete 200 Flight Hours for European Airspace Defense

The Heron 1 used a direct link when flying within Line of Sight, switching seamlessly to a satellite link when flying Beyond Line of Sight, to transmit information to multiple users in real-time.

IAI to Sell Barak 8 Missile Defense Systems to India for $777 Million

According to IAI, Barak 8 sales total more than $6 billion to date.

Pro-Israel Voices Are Being Locked In ‘Facebook Jail’

“Facebook is a partisan platform,” he asserted. “They do not cater to those whose views they do not align with."

Geologist: Israel Plans Excessive Natural Gas Exports, Draining Finite Resources

But it doesn't appear as if the veteran geologist has given up altogether on finding more natural gas in Israel's waters.

First Israeli Bedouin Woman Joins Police Rescue Unit

Jaboua is part of a unit that helps hikers in the Judean Desert if they become lost or injured.

China’s Powerful Vice President Wang Qishan Arrives in Israel

Despite the fact that Beijing does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the eastern part of its capital, Wang traveled to visit the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre shortly after his arrival.

Undisclosed Asian Customer Buying ELTA Fire-Control Radars for $55 Million

In 2017, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) purchased South Korean-made FA-50PH “Fighting Eagle” jet fighters equipped with the Elta EL/M-2032 fire control radar.

If a Robot Wrote a Torah Scroll, Would He Have to Dip in a...

The most fascinating argument was whether a Torah written by a robot is comparable to machine matza.

Saudi Jet Crashes near Jordan Killing Both Pilots

This model offers the latest cockpit and training system modifications to help Saudi pilots transition to the Eurofighter Typhoon combat jet.


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