Over the month of November 2015, Shabak and IDF forces apprehended a Hebron based Hamas terror cell. The cell plotted to open fire on Israeli civilians driving along route 35 near Hebron. During the arrests forces uncovered an M-16 assault rifle and a handgun intended to be used in the attack.

Commanding the Hamas cell was Muhammad Ali Kawasme who had recruited the other operatives. Other members of the terror cell included Louis Faisal Hashlamoun, previously detained for terror activities associated with Hamas, as well as Amar Mahmed Awiwy and Hassam Fahri Hashlamoun, both known Hamas operatives.


During the investigation, it was revealed that Kawasme and Louis Hashlamoun had been surveying route 35 in order to locate the optimal location for the shooting. Weapons were purchased for the purpose of the attack. Additionally the terror cell revealed plans to acquire a stolen vehicle to flee the scene following the planned attack.

The operatives were indicted for plotting murder and association with the Hamas terror organization.


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