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The knife used in the Petach TIkva attack

A Haredi man, 40, was injured in a stabbing attack at the entrance to a store in the Petach Tikva market, on Baron Hirsch Street.

According to reports, the victim pulled the knife out of himself and then attacked the Arab terrorist, age 20, and together with the store owner used it to stab him to death.


An eye witness told Walla: “The Haredi man came out of the store with a knife stuck in his neck and yelled, ‘I got stabbed.’ He then pulled out the knife, went back inside the store and stabbed the man. There was a big tumult. When I finally entered the store I saw the attacker lying in a pool of blood.”

The stabbing victim was taken to Beilinson hospital with wounds to his upper body.



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  1. This is not dancing with wolves, this is dealing with demons.
    What utter morons these Arabs are. What other name can I describe them by? Let me count the ways:
    Low Intelligence Quota LOW IQ
    Victimization complex mixed with Narcissism complex, thus
    rendering them brain dead; they have self imploded.
    Easily led lemmings
    Fools Oh I said that already.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to send these types to
    Gaza? For real? He wants to expand terrorism in Gaza?
    Who is his counselor? Why listen to clowns?
    Where is Wisdom??????????????????????????????????

  2. Am in awe at the sheer courage and will of this man. Thankfully (and amazingly) the knife apparently didn't pierce any major artieries or nerves, allowing this man to "counterattack". Refuah shleimah to him!

    And the attacker was stupid enough to hang around long enough to get stabbed????

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