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Belgian Jews shop in a kosher grocery store in Antwerp

A troubling survey conducted by the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in advance of a Sunday conference on anti-Semitism and BDS reveals that 59% of Israelis are fearful of visiting Europe because of terrorism and anti-Semitic attacks, and 69% hide personal items that identify them as Jews.

The number of Israelis who are afraid to visit Europe represents an increase of 34 % over 2015, due to the increase in anti-Semitic incidents, the attack in Paris on November 13, and the threats made by ISIS against American and European cities.


The survey reveals that women are more afraid than men to visit Europe — 62% of women vs. 55% of men. Also, 22% of Tel Aviv residents are afraid to travel, vs. only 7% of Jerusalemites.

65% of Israelis reported concealing their Jewish personal articles when visiting abroad.

Another troubling item: 24% of Israelis said they fear another Holocaust, and that Iran and ISIS would eventually destroy the Jewish State.

The conference began on Sunday at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, featuring Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Israel’s UN Envoy Danny Danon.



  1. See the first Rashi in Chumash, G-d's entire reason for creation is Israel and the Torah. No need to worry, fear not the folly of global warming, one of G-d's names is E-l Shadai, this means that his world was ceated with total sufficiency. All we are to do, as Jews, is to learn Torah and keep His mitzvot, and righteous non Jews keep and observe the seven Noahide laws. And all of us Pray for the redemption speedily in our days.

  2. Stand loud and proud – NEVER EVER cowtow or succumb to genocide, anti-semitism, too many millions of our Tribesmen were exterminated JUST because they were Jewish – it would be beyond insulting to their souls to appease or succumb now, 70 years later???? NEVER AGAIN.

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