Photo Credit: IDF
IDF soldiers searching for Dvir Sorek's murderers.

The IDF overnight Monday mapped the Beit Kahil homes of the two Arabs suspected of murdering Corporal Dvir Sorek Hy’d last Thursday, in preparation for their future demolition. The Beit Kahil village is located about three miles northwest of Hebron.


On Sunday, the IDF released the helmet cameras videos of the IDF fighters who participated in the raid on the terrorists involved in the soldier’s murder. In the videos, the soldiers are seen searching through homes until they reach Sorek’s murderers and arrest them.

The suspects in the murder are Hamas activist Nazir Saleh Khalil Atafra, 24, and Kassem Araf Khalil Atzafra, 30, both residents of Beit Kahil without prior arrests.

Their identity was known to the security forces from an early stage, detected through an analysis of security cameras.

Yoav Sorek, Dvir’s father, responded on Sunday to the arrest of the suspects in his son’s murder, saying: “I don’t care who they are, and I don’t care how much time they’ll serve. Because our loss is not related to this; Dvir is gone and will not return as a result of whatever is done to anyone.”

In a Reshet Bet radio interview, Dvir’s father said he was glad the investigation showed that his son did not suffer. “I think he didn’t even know he was being attacked, because the attack was very brutal but also took him out immediately, they came at him from behind.”

He added that Dvir “lived for 19 beautiful years. When I think of him, I’m not sorry for him, I’m sorry for us for not having him anymore.”