Photo Credit: IDF
IDF troops in Judea & Samaria

IDF forces continue their special activity to protect roads and settlements in Judea and Samaria, out of a concern that the terror cell which has already murdered one person, Rabbi Raziel Shevach ZL from Havat Gilad, will attempt another attack in the near future, Israel Hayom reported Thursday.

The IDF, together with other security forces, continue to hunt down that terror cell. It is believed that more than one person carried out the attack, although the possibility of a one-man operation is also considered.


Meanwhile, the city of Shechem and nearby villages continue to be under a security lockdown.

The manhunt for Rabbi Shevach’s murderers is conducted by the Samaria Regional Brigade, together with special forces. Their operational activity is complemented by continued investigation and intelligence activity.

It is estimated that this is a squad and not a single operation, but this direction is not excluded.

During the night between Wednesday and Thursday, IDF forces arrested 18 wanted persons throughout Judea and Samaria, suspected of involvement in terrorism and of violent disturbances against civilians and security forces. All the suspects were taken for questioning. Among the detainees, according to Arab sources, is a relative of the girl Ahad Tamimi, who was arrested in Nabi Saleh.