Photo Credit: Flash 90
Shalit Deal terrorists being sent to their ill-gotten freedom, October 2011

Terror victims slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s appointment of long-time General Security Service (Shin Bet) officer Yaron Blum as prime minister’s special envoy for hostage negotiations Sunday, saying Blum’s involvement with the 2011 deal for Gilad Shalit made him unsuitable for the role.

“[The Shalit deal] was a tremendous victory for Hamas,” Meir Indor, the head of the Almagor Terror Victims organization, told the Hebrew-language NRG news website. “More than 1000 terrorists and murderers were released, most of whom went back to terror and some of whom now serve as commanders in Hamas.”


Netanyahu appointed Blum Saturday night to replace Lior Lotan, who resigned the position in August citing personal and professional reasons.

Other victims were equally critical, the website said. “We did everything we could to convince [politicians] not to release terrorists from jail. My son’s killers sat in jail for eight-and-a-half years for killing 17 Israelis. That’s six months per murder.”

“In the military court where they were sentenced they said proudly that ‘we will not serve our full sentences and as soon as we are released we will go back to killing Israelis’… Then [our leaders] promised that these sorts of deals would not be repeated. But that’s what a promise is worth: In 2013 76 more killers were released,” said Yossi Tzur, a bereaved father whose son’s killer was released as part of the Shalit deal.