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J. Edgar Hoover

The FBI Records Vault, an official FBI Twitter account, on Wednesday afternoon tweeted a link to the bureau’s files on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the anti-Semitic work forged by the Czarist secret police in Russia that accuses Jews of striving for world domination.


The files include copies of the Protocols, some of which claim the work offers “proof that Communism is a Jewish world plot to enslave the gentiles and to seize power during the resulting chaos.”

The treasure trove of clandestine US anti-Semitism also includes letters received by the legendary FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover on said world domination.

To be fair, the collection includes a 1964 Senate Judiciary Committee report saying the Protocols are “crude and vicious nonsense.”

The unfortunate FBI tweet was followed by numerous satisfied responses from white supremacists declaring they have finally been vindicated.

And there was also this response:

And this:


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