Photo Credit: Israel's Defense Ministry
The Arrow-3

The Arrow 3 exoatmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile system has just performed a very successful series of experiments in Alaska, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benjamin Netanyahu announced at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

The Arrow 3 is designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere. With divert motor capability, its kill vehicle can switch directions dramatically, allowing it to pivot to see approaching satellites. The missile has a reported flight range of up to 1,500 miles.\

“The Arrow 3 intercepted ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere,” Netanyahu reported.

“In recent weeks we have carried out three pioneering secret experiments of the Arrow 3 missile. These experiments were held in the US, in Alaska, in full cooperation with our great ally the US.

They were successful beyond any imagination. The Arrow 3 – with complete success – intercepted ballistic missiles beyond the atmosphere at unprecedented altitudes and speeds. The execution was perfect – all precise hits.

Today Israel has the ability to act against ballistic missiles that could be launched against us from Iran or anywhere else. This is a great achievement for the security of Israel.

All of our enemies should know that we will overcome them in both defense and offense.”


According to Israel’s defense ministry, the test successfully demonstrated a “hit-to-kill” capability of high-altitude targets outside the atmosphere, using a US-made AN\TPY2 radar, thus successfully demonstrating an operational link-up between the US detection radar and Israeli missile systems.

On Friday night, Channel 13 reporter Barak Ravid said Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer had traveled secretly to Alaska on a trip that concerned an issue “at the core of the US-Israel security relationship,” and deals with the Iranian threat facing the two nations (See: Report: Israeli Ambassador to US Ron Dermer Travels Secretly to Alaska). Before Dermer’s visit to Alaska, he had spent two weeks in Israel, in intense discussions with Netanyahu.

The tests were conducted in a test field in Alaska by the Israel Aerospace Industries, the defense ministry, and the Israeli air force.


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