Photo Credit: Bingo Wholesale/Facebook
Bingo Wholesale big-box-store in Lakewood, N.J.

A year after opening its first store in Brooklyn, N.Y., Bingo Wholesale opened its second store in the heavily Orthodox, kashrut-observant community of Lakewood, N.J.

Bingo is a partnership between Weiss and Osher Ad, a grocery chain with 20 stores in Israel.


“We plan to open many, many stores,” said Osher Ad managing director Yehuda Lanaido.

The Costco-style kosher warehouse doesn’t require membership, but having one allows customers to use in-store coupons.

“We try to sell everything at wholesale price,” said Bingo Wholesale managing director David Weiss. The Lakewood store opened on Jan. 22.

“You’ll find brand name goods, but also items under Bingo Wholesale’s private label, which includes BluPantry and BluShine,” reported “Many items also are in large and bulk sizes, commonly found at a warehouse clubs, which helps to differentiate Bingo from other stores.”

Bingo plans to open a third store in the heavily Orthodox hamlet of Monsey, N.Y., “soon,” according to its website.

While Bingo may specifically target Jewish customers, New York-based supermarket analyst Burt Flickinger III told that what’s available at the store in terms of price, quality and other factors makes it “a United Nations of consumers.”