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Preparing a measles vaccine

The State of New York has officially barred unvaccinated children from entering or returning to school this year.

“Anti-vaxxer” parents are absolutely furious.


The new law prohibiting the unvaccinated children from attending school went into effect this past June.

It “prohibits a school from permitting any child to be admitted to such school, or to attend such school, in excess of 14 days without sufficient evidence that the child has received all age appropriate required vaccinations,” according to the official publication from the New York State Department of Health, the Office of Children and Family Services, and the New York State Education Department.

Children who began the school year in the classroom with everyone else, and whose parents breezily ignored this prohibition, are now finding out that the 14-day grace periods have begun to expire.

As a result, they are no longer being allowed into the schools and in some cases when they do enter, they are being removed. In either case, parents are being notified by school officials and they are not happy when the call arrives.

The parents of the 26,000 children no longer allowed into their classrooms are now tweeting, demonstrating, live-streaming and bitterly complaining on Instagram and Facebook, accusing New York Government Andrew Cuomo, State Senator Brad Hoylman (sponsor of the bill) and other lawmakers of “saving birds and kicking kids out of school.” (There is a bill to save the billions of birds disappearing from the state.)

One person actually — unbelievably — said in a tweet, “Anne Frank was denied an education and forced to home-school,” and accusing NY State Assembly Member Richard Gottfried of denying children an education.

That tweet got a response from NY State Senator Brad Hoylman who tweeted back, “Your child is not in school because you are choosing not to vaccinate. Anne Frank was murdered by Nazis. One of these is not like the other. Shame on you for daring to compare antivaxxing to the Holocaust.”

A similar unbelievable accusation came from a woman who tried to compare the legislation to the Nuremberg “Code” and claimed the state was guilty of “ war like crimes,” using the hashtag #wewillnotcomply .

And so on. For readers who like to indulge in the writings of aliens, please don’t hesitate to log on to Twitter and take a look at some of the tweets posted by the antivaxxer contingent in New York State. They are positively out of this world.

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